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Yesterday I received a email announcing that the latest book in the House of Night series has a cover. A fe wof us on the blog ar efans of The Hous eof Night series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast. 
So who do you think that is on the cover? Look at the bull shadow in the back too. You can see the cover and order the book in The House of Night website HERE

Cassandra Clare shared with all of us a Jace POV Manor Scene. This was a gift to us because of Jace winning the last YA Sisterhood Crush Tournament (which Ash from The Iron Fey series Lost).
(Photo via Cassandra Clare's website)
CLICK HERE to read Jace's POV Manor Scene. 

If you didnt know yet. The Hunger Games Movie poster can be copied and applied to any blog or website. Its even has the awesome sound effect as the fire burns the Mockingjay pin. 
If someone out there knows how to reduce the size so that you can put it on the sidebar, please share with me your secret. This poster makes me hunger for the movie even more. 


  1. I made it smaller for my sidebar - you just have to change the width and height in the embed code (it's in two places though, so make sure you get both of them).

    I made mine 200x342 and it works perfectly (you can see it on my bare bones site that I'm still working to get up and running - www.mandikayereads.com)

  2. One edit: I did the motion poster, not the countdown widget. If you want the countdown, you can make it 200x250 or 150x188 or 100x125.

  3. Oh my goodness! I'm so excited for The Hunger Games movie. *Squueeeee!

    And on the Destined cover, I was thinking that it is probably Heath. But idk.


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