Blog Tour: Delirium Special Edition A Guide to Your Evalution + giveaway

Welcome to the last stop in the Special Edition Delirium Blog Tour hosted by Books Complete Me. Today you will be able to learn about the 6 Questions to know for your Evaluation. We are so happy to be a part of this tour. If you haven't noticed already the new edition has a new cover, Q & A with Lauren Oliver and a Pandemonium preview. To read my review for Delirium from January this year, just click HERE

A Guide to Your Evaluation: 6 Questions To Know

1. What is your favorite color? 
Acceptable Answers: Blue, Green, Purple (special circumstances only)
To Be Avoided: Pink, Orange, Red, Black, Yellow 

2. What are your hobbies?
Focus on one or two things from each aspect of your life: a physical activity, an intellectual pursuit, an artistic/creative hobby, a social activity, and one family-oriented activity. Do not focus unduly on activities in only one category. This will make you seem inflexible and, in some cases, perverse. You should try and display equal excitement about each interest. 

3. What is your favorite food?
Hearty meals, like turkey, pasta, stew, vegetables are indicative of healthy appetites and solid constitutions. The evaluators will expect that you like dessert foods, so there is no reason to mention these indulgences. However, food is sustenance, so focus on the foods with the highest nutritional values. Of course the foods that make you healthy and strong are you favorites! 

4. What are your best qualities?
The evaluators want to get to know you so that you can be matched well. This is one of the most important questions, so be sure to answer carefully. Remember, evaluators are looking to see how ready you are to manage your adult responsibilities. Think of words that evoke calmness and maturity, like patient, steady, dependable. Of course, you should also feel comfortable mentioning things like friendly, warm, and energetic. 

5. Tell us about your family.
The focus, of course, should be on the positive aspects of your family. Presumably your family has given you a stable home and an excellent model for a functional community unity. If you have older siblings, maybe they are good role models. If you have younger ones, perhaps you like helping raise them, and feel they have given you experience that will be invaluable when you have your own family. Avoid mentioning any familial conflicts, unless they have been resolved in a positive and rational way. Avoid too much emphasis on your feelings about your parents and/or siblings, and focus more on the way they function as a unit and your place within that unit. 

6. What is your favorite season?
Any of the four seasons is a valid answer! This is a great time to show off your unique personality. When you explain why, focus on an activity or two you like to do during that season. You can of course mention the physical beauty of the season but this should be a minor point rather than the focus of your answer.

There you have it folks, now you are prepared for your evaluation. I can't wait till I can read Pandemonium. Thank you to HarperTeen, they have made it so each stop on the tour can giveaway a Special Edition Delirium to one of our reads. 

To Enter: 
  • Please fill out this FORM
  • Open to US Residents only
  • No Po Boxes
  • Giveaway will end on September September 9th at midnight. 

Be sure to follow all the stops for the tour 

9/2 - Once Upon a Twilight (Thats Us)


  1. Great interview! Love the new cover :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I like the new cover too! I need to get a copy to match Pandemonium though. I'm obssessive over making sure my covers match.

  3. This was such a fun tour! I loved all the things about Delirium and Amor Deliria Nervosa. Thanks for the giveaway :]


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