Book Review: The Enemy by Charlie Higson

The Enemy
The Enemy #1
Author: Charlie Higson
Pages: 448 Hardcover
Reading Level: YA
Published: May 11th 2010
Review Source: Purchased
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / IndieBound

Summary: (from goodreads) As the days pass, the situation has gone from frightening to terrifying. Kids are being picked off the streets; the barricaded teens are surrounded by flesh-eating zombie adults. When a mysterious traveler arrives with an offer of refuge in London's Buckingham Palace, they realize that they have no other option. What they can not yet understand is that their intense challenges will not end with their harrowing trip... Another hard-pulsing teen thriller by the author of the Young Bond series.

Emotional and action packed books that any guy would like are hard to come by. Most are cheesy or too much about partying and killings. There are a few though, that can grab a reader, enveloping them into a mysterious and dangerous world.

The Enemy is one of those books. Basically this book is about diseased adult cannibals vs. the kids of the world. In the great city of London the reader finds a group of kids trying to live in a barricaded supermarket. The kids start to feel the strains of survival when they find hope in the news that comes of a safe haven,
Buckingham Palace. Then begins the dangerous journey to the palace where on the way they meet horrors of all types.

This was one of my top five books of the summer. I really enjoyed it. It also got me thinking about, what would happen if zombies became a reality.


  1. Eek! Sounds thrilling. Are you watching The Walking Dead? It's a great show. Seems like most YA books are aimed at females so I'm glad you found one you enjoyed!

  2. Whoa I love action. I'll watch out for this one. Glad you liked it.

    That show that Jennifer mentioned up there ^^ is REALLY good! The second season starts in November! Can't wait! :D

  3. Seriously. Thank you for reviewing this. I also reviewed it and loved it. It's definitely one of my favorite reads of the year and needs more publicity.


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