Booking Through Thursday: 9/8/11 What are you reading?

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly event hosted HERE. A Weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading.

What are you reading now? Would you recommend it? And what’s next?

Yara's Answer: Right now I am reading Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick. This book was released this Tuesday on the 6th from EgmontUSA. If you haven't heard about it yet, well now you will. my review should be up on Monday the 12th. I recommend it to anyone that likes that book that you forget to breathe while reading. Ashes is that book. I have about 100 pages left and it's been one heck of a ride. I have talk to the book like its going to talk back to me. Seriously pick this Post Apocalyptic book up now. 

What will I be reading next is a book called Crossroads by Mary Ting. Its for a blog tour coming up hosted by  Late Bloomer online. 

So what are you reading now and would you recommend it?


  1. Ashes sounds really good! Right now I'm reading Madapple by Christina Meldrum (I would recommend this one if you haven't read it yet, it's really good) and up next is One Hundred Candles by Mara Purnhagen and Ruby Red by Kersten Gier. Hope you enjoy Ashes and Crossroads!

  2. Oooh I need to read Ashes soon if you think it is that amazing!! =D

  3. Dark readers quote is going to be in crossroads! Epppp!


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