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In the Forests of the Night
Goblin Wars #2
Reading Level: YA
Pages: 288 Hardcover
Published: October 22nd 2011
Review Source: Teen Book Scene
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) The battle against goblinkind continues . . . but which side will Teagan be on?

Teagan, Finn, and Aiden have made it out of Mag Mell alive, but the Dark Man’s forces are hot on their heels. Back in Chicago, Tea’s goblin cousins show up at her school, sure she will come back to Mag Mell, as goblin blood is never passive once awoken. Soon she will belong to Fear Doirich and join them. In the meantime, they are happy to entertain themselves by trying to seduce, kidnap, or kill Tea’s family and friends. Tea knows she doesn’t have much time left, and she refuses to leave Finn or her family to be tortured and killed. A wild Stormrider, born to rule and reign, is growing stronger inside her. But as long as she can hold on, she’s still Teagan Wylltson, who plans to be a veterinarian and who heals the sick and hurting. The disease that’s destroying her—that’s destroying them all—has a name: Fear Doirich. And Teagan Wylltson is not going to let him win.

Being an author, in my opinion is very difficult. I say this, because to an author, writing is everything. New material and ideas are hard to come up with, so when I’m searching for the next new read, I look forward to a book that deals with a topic that is unknown to me. Kersten Hamilton does a great job of creating a world where her imagination and creativity shine through the words on her pages. What I find even more impressive, is the fact that she wrote a sequel equal to her first book of the series, Tyger, Tyger. Hamilton writes in a style that few use. Her world that she creates is beautiful, yet sometimes cruel. Surprises lurk in the shadows leaving the reader guessing throughout until the very end.

Teagen the main character is a girl full of sorrows, but has many rays of happiness as well. With the fire that is now awaken within her, she tries to live a normal life, but things don’t always work out as they should. Some people just can’t leave her alone. Teagen, with her friends, set out to face the shadows that haunt her. Although a great read, the only downside would be, that at times there were some slow points in the storyline, however Hamilton quickly built up the pace, to keep me turning the pages for more.

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