Book Review: Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning

Dark Seeker
Seeker #1
Author: Taryn Browning
Reading Level: YA
Pages: 298 paperback
Published: September 27th 2011
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) For 17-year-old Seeker, Janie Grey, ridding the Baltimore streets of the undead is an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. Seeker Training Lesson #1: Never trust the undead. After her father’s tragic death, Janie creates her own life lesson: Love isn’t worth the risk. Both lessons are easy to follow until she encounters the flawed Kai Sterdam. At first, she believes he is the hybrid she is trained to hunt. But, when he has human traits, she determines she doesn’t know what he is. As Janie’s intrigue over who Kai is pushes her deeper into his mysterious past, she discovers a shocking truth that is even more harrowing than the evil they are up against. It’s a secret Kai wants to keep hidden, especially from Janie.

I love this new series by Taryn Browning. Janie isn't just a regular teenager, shes a Seeker. She's trained to hunt vampires plus a new kind of hybrid. She knows she should trust the new guy she meets named Kai, who might be one of the hybrids she's supposed to kill, but there is just something about him. I love that Kai is this tortured, lonely guy but Janie just can't keep him off her mind.

She realizes there might be more to Kai that she previously thought, then she finds out a secret, one that Kai never wanted her to find out. And it could change everything. This book has a little bit of everything, action, drama, romance all in one nice little package. Also having Janie as this awesome heroine is great! Definitely will read the next part of this series.


  1. Great review Monica I really enjoyed this one too I loved the lore and how different it was from all the other vampire books out there!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. Hi Monica, thank you for your wonderful review! I really enjoyed reading it! :) So happy you enjoyed the book! <3

    Hi Giselle, how are you <3? Thanks for leaving a comment!! :))


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