Book Review: The Survivors by Will Weaver

The Survivors
Memory Boy Sequel
Author: Will Weaver
Reading Level: YA
Pages: 320 Hardcover
Release Date: January 31st 2012
Review Source: HarperTeen
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Miles, Sarah, and their parents are living in a run-down cabin in the north woods-their cushy life in suburban Minneapolis feels like a dream. But the aftermath of the cataclysmic volcano eruptions that forced them there is still very real. Food is scarce, the ash continues to fall, and winter is setting in. All they have to get them through is the milk from Sarah's prized possession-her goat-and Miles's memory of wilderness survival skills. But when both resources are tragically lost, they realize they'll have much more to overcome if they want to be survivors.

With its fast pace, accessible writing, and suspenseful, driving action, this engaging sequel to Will Weaver's Memory Boy will appeal to even the most reluctant reader.

The ability to survive is a very important human trait. We have many examples in past history in where we survive in the most horrible conditions. With proposals of the world coming to an end and changing dramatically, authors have enveloped the idea and turned it into a profitable storyline. One take on survival is the aftermath of multiple volcanoes erupting, which is what Will Weaver, the author, bases his book on. He writes a tale of a young family forced out of their home trying to find a life in a world that has completely changed. They finally settle down in a quaint little town where they are tested and find out who they really are.

The story is in the views of Miles and Sarah who are siblings. Miles is the protector of the family, the one who hunts and gathers the food. Sarah is a girl trying to stay normal. She begins to go to school where she finds friends and attempts to comprehend the craziness that is her life. With their mother and father, they try to strive to make their lives better. However, as the days go by, the family each has to deal with their own problems. Throughout the novel the whole family discovers something about themselves. While beginning to figure things out, something changes everything causing them to make a major decision. This was a great, well written book. I was able to breeze through the pages due to the author’s way of writing. He easily conveys the feelings and thoughts of the characters. Overall, it was a very good book that makes you look inside yourself and see what you would do in their place.

Special Note: This book is the sequel to Memory Boy. You may want to check it out first before reading The Survivors. There were a few details that I felt were missing as I had not read Memory Boy. That will be next on my list.

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