Book Review: Awakening by Karice Bolton

The Watchers Trilogy #1
Author: Karice Bolton
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal
Published: September 27th 2011
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Alone in snowy, remote Whistler village, Ana tries to build a new life since losing her parents. With a cozy condo, a sweet-faced bulldog and an evening job to leave the days free for the slopes, life slips into a great routine. If only she could shake the guilt for not remembering anything about her parents and banish the night terrors that haunt her every dream. On a whim, Ana goes out with Athen, a guy she’s just met in the Grizzly Pub... The only problem is that she feels like she already knows him.
Within 48 hours of meeting Athen and his family, Ana’s world implodes. She falls for Athen quickly and before she knows it, a past life begins to resurface. As thrilling as the revelations appear at first, she fights against the chilling information that Athen is from the underworld. Soon she begins to struggle as her own supernatural gifts are slowly unveiled, and she realizes that the nightmares she’s been having might be premonitions and not dreams at all.
It is up to Ana to decipher between fact and fiction before it is too late, and her new love, Athen, follows in her same fate - one that is lost between two worlds.

Ana is alone in life and lives in a small village with her adorable bulldog Matilda. She has constant night terrors and doesn't know what to do about it. Then while working in a small pub some customers come in that change her life. She finally feels like she belongs somewhere and she is alive in life. Ana meets Athen and family. Let me just say Athen is adorable and I love everything about him, he is slightly secretive, but for the good of Ana. Hes a very chivalrous man, and the way they show it is so romantic and adorable.

Ana has some awakening to do in every sense of the word, she finds out that she might not be who she thought she was and Athen definitely isn't. She is trying to sort out her dreams and find out what is real and what isn't. Or maybe it is all real and she just needs to come with the fact that shes different, and not in a bad way. There is alot i cannot say about this book because then it would give away the whole plot, but I love that this book wasn't your usual Angels and Demons book. There was a twist, and I love the back story for how everything came to be. That was splendidly told. I loved the romance between Athen and Ana, it was fast to start, but slowed down and that was a treat because I though the pace was perfect. I couldn't put this book down to find out what would happen. It was a big build up and the ending, oh goodness the ending had me reeling. How could you do that to me Karice??

But thank goodness the second part of this series Legions is out so I can find out what happens because I NEED to. Ana and Athen, I'm going to be reading about you very soon and I cannot wait.

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