Audiobook Review: The Craving: The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries by L.J. Smith

The Craving
The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries #3
Author: L.J. Smith
Reader: Kevin T. Collins
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Run-Time: 6 Hours 19 Minutes
Published: May 3rd 2011
Review Source: Harper Audio
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Blood brothers . . .

After his brother, Damon Salvatore, betrays him in New Orleans, Stefan starts over in Manhattan. Vowing never to harm another human, he roams the streets, trying to disappear into the city’s chaos. But just when he thinks he’s left his past behind, Stefan discovers that he can never escape his brother. Damon has grand plans for the vampire Salvatore brothers—whether Stefan likes it or not. Together, they take New York by storm. When their exploits end up on the society pages, an old enemy resurfaces—one hell-bent on revenge.

Based on the popular CW TV show inspired by the bestselling novels, Stefan’s Diaries reveals the truth about what really happened between Stefan, Damon, and Katherine—and how the Vampire Diaries love triangle began.

My thoughts on the audio go as follow. This was one of those audio books that the narrator took away from the story for me. His voice just didn't come off as scary vampire. It's a bit hard to explain. Then again I might be partial to hearing the Stefan voice on the TV show and just couldn't separate one from the other. I think this series I will continue to read instead of listen too. It will make it easier for me to follow the story instead of saying that's not Stefan's voice. 

On to the book portion of my thoughts. So this is the 3rd installment in the series and my least favorite of the 3. It lacks a bit of what book 1 & 2 had. The Salvatore Brothers are in New York and the fighting is full-speed ahead. The tables have turned and Damon has begun to call the shots while Stefan fights his being. Now the brothers have attracted too much unwanted attention their way. If you watch the TV Show its pretty much those glimpse that we see when they go back to the beginning. Of course with this series you get much more details about Stefan's past and Damon as well. You understand the pull with Katherine. 
This is where the famous love triangle begins. 

So yes I say read these if you want to learn and understand their past but I wouldn't recommend the audio. It just wasn't one of my favorites. 

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