Friday Five: 2/3/12 - 5 Things To Look For When Buying A Book

It's Friday so that means Friday Five that was inspired by Author Cheryl Renee Herbsman. Our friends at Eve's Fan Garden and Page Turners also partake in this meme. Each Friday we will post a question or topic, then respond with our five choices.

What Are 5 Things You Look For When Buying A Book You've Never Heard Of?
  • I should but I do if its a author or title I've never heard of, I look at the cover art.
  • I see who published the book
  • I check out any blurbs from other authors in the book
  • I check goodreads
  • Then I ask twitter what they know or heard about the title 

  • First and foremost recommendations
  • Known Author and/or Series
  • Synopsis
  • Cover
  • Great cover
  • Recommendations from friends or on Goodreads
  • Something written by an author I already like
  • Good price
  • Read the back cover or inside flap for a summary
  • I'm big on covers, I usually gravitate to covers that catch my eye
  • If the blurbs on the back usually pull me in, I'm down to read the book :)
  • If my friends suggest a book I'll definitely read it.
  • Sad to say the price is a big deal, so if its too expensive i might have to hold off.
  • Check goodreads rating!
  • A well written summary located on the inside flap or back of the novel
  • Quotes of praise from authors or reviewers that I may be familiar with
  • The cover art
  • A dedication page and/or author description
  • The genre. I tend to purchase the genre that I like best, as once you buy the book, it’s yours
  • I know I shouldn't but the cover has to catch my eye. Judging a book by its cover isn't right, but hey, who can turn down a book with an awesome cover? 
  • Has to be one of my favorite genres 
  • Check the Blog to see if someone has read it and reviewed it already. 
  • I also like to check You can always find a review there for any book. 
  • A book from an author I really like. Sometimes I can miss a new book or even a old book from them.


  1. I love that all of us rely on goodreads! Haha.

  2. Goodreads is like my book bible. It's brilliant! Covers are pretty major for me, too.


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