Reading Nook of the Week: OUaT Coven Reviewer: Tammy

Reading Nook of the Week

Today we welcome OUaT Coven reviewer, Tammy. She is showing us her favorite reading spot.

Cushion Chair 

It was really hard for me to pick one place as my favorite place for reading, since I seem to always have my nose in a book (yes, even while I am making the 15 minute walk from the parking garage to the office where I work and back again at the end of the day). Don't worry, I am careful and I don't read while crossing the street or if the sidewalks are icy (or when it is raining or snowing, obviously, since I don't want to ruin any books). I also prop whatever book I'm currently reading up on the bathroom sink while getting ready (hair, make up, etc.) or leave it open on the floor and read while I'm drying my hair with a blow-dryer. Sometimes I can be found reading in my cushy recliner in the living room at home, or in a variety of locations inside and outside of the building where I work. I often listen to audio books in the car on my commute to and from work, too. I also recently purchased a nook and have a variety of e-reader apps

Chair at work
on my Android phone and tablet, so I have a way to read something no matter where I go or what I'm doing. But if I had to pick the place where I read the most (and is usually the most comfy), it would have to be in my bed. I try to read for about 30 minutes before going to sleep every night. If I'm reading a real page turner, I end up staying up way too late telling myself, "Oh, just one more chapter and then I'll go to sleep." Ever find yourself doing the same thing? I know many of you are nodding your heads. :) I have two different reading lights and rechargeable batteries, so I am always ready to read after the lights go out. I even have a reading light for my nook. Those of you who have reading lights know how bright they can be, so I sometimes have to put the covers over my head while I read so I don't disturb my husband when he is trying to sleep. :) Very much like how I used to read in bed as a kid/teenager when I was supposed to be sleeping. ;)

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