Reading Nook of the Week: OUaT Coven Reviewer: Monica

Reading Nook of the Week

Today we welcome OUaT Coven reviewer, Monica. She is showing us her favorite reading spot.

My favorite reading nook is probably my bed. I snuggle up in my nook with my Nook! :) My dogs usually are present and just snuggle up with me and I usually read an hour or so before bed because I just cant seem to put my Nook down. Another favorite reading nook is in my comfy computer chair. I just lean back and put some music on my computers speakers and just read to my hearts content. I'm not one of those people that can't listen to music and read, i like having background music while reading. I can usually read without singing the words instead of reading my book. I also love reading while on long trips so cars are probably a fave place to read. If I'm driving for a long period of time I've just started to read audio books so those keep me company while I'm driving. I've found them to be amazingly fun and just having the words read to me is awesome! In all reality my favorite reading nook can just be about anywhere my Nook is present with my book of choice at the moment. Reading is my favorite past time and anywhere i can read is just my favorite place in the world!

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