Book Review: Balthazar by Claudia Gray + Giveaway

An Evernight Novel
Author: Claudia Gray
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal
Released: March 6th 20112
Review Source: Harper Teen
Available: Balthazar

Summary: (from goodreads) Vampire heartthrob Balthazar More, first introduced to readers in the New York Times bestselling Evernight series, fights for true love in this electrifying stand-alone novel.

Haunted by memories from his first days as a vampire, Balthazar has spent hundreds of years alone—without allies, without love. When he emerges from his isolation to help Skye Tierney, a human girl who once attended Evernight Academy, Balthazar has no idea how dangerous it will be. Skye’s psychic powers have caught the attention of Redgrave, the cruel master vampire responsible for murdering Balthazar and his family four centuries ago. Having learned of Skye’s powers and the remarkable effect her blood has on vampires, he plans to use her for his own evil purposes. As they stand together to fight the evil vampire, Balthazar realizes his lonely world could finally be changed by Skye...just as Redgrave realizes that he can destroy Balthazar once and for all by taking her for his own.

In a story filled with forbidden love and dark suspense, one of the most beloved characters in Claudia Gray’s New York Times bestselling Evernight series will captivate readers with his battle to overcome his past and follow his heart.

If I can give this book more that 5 trees, I would give it 100! Balthazar oh Balthazar! One word to describe this character and that’s Scrumptious!! What an amazing read. This is the first novel I have read from Claudia Gray and she will be added to my “look out for” list. Check!! Can I tell you that like most people (not all), I immediately judged the book by it’s cover and thought that this book would be about some type of history and I was skeptical to read it. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG! As soon as I opened the book and read page one I was seduced into this enchanting, dramatic adventure that lured me for an entire day before the ended the book. That’s right, 1 day! I finished the book, it’s that good!! Like I said before the cover didn’t really do it for me, I thought the cover didn’t do the story justice.

The characters!! One character in particular that I believe EVERYONE will love is of course Balthazar!. Centuries old vampire who attended Evernight, has come to protect Skye Tierney and that’s all. He’s made a promise to himself that he will never fall for another human. He believed that he will just be protecting Skye for a couple of days and whomever is bothering her will go away. But when he realizes early on that his old nemesis and the vampire who killed him is after Skye he will stop at nothing to protect her from him. All the while falling for her unexpectedly. Balthazar’s personality is that of a gentlemen. He’s confident in what he wants, all the while he’s friendly, honest and funny. Basically all you can ever want in a man.

Skye is a teenage girl who has encountered supernatural powers after she saved a friend at Evernight Academy. What she didn’t know was that she has something else that would be the overall chaos of all vampires nationwide. What she posses is so enticing, it’s like a drug for vampires and they have found out. Skye has been through a lot! This year, and now to have all of this on her shoulders, I would have been overwhelmed. But Skye is not. She’s a tough cookie. Skye is tough on the outside but a sweetheart on the inside. She’s strong minded, confident and level headed girl who has just had a little bit of bad luck. But that doesn’t stop her from continuing on living. With her love of horses which I thought was a unique touch. I loved that she lived in a home that has a horse stall out back and she has enough forest to do daily runs on her horse EB. I would imagine myself doing exactly that.

The story overall is a great read for anyone. Everyone will enjoy it. It’s romantic, adventurous and mindblowingly delicious. ←(is that even a word) hahaha who cares this book is awesome!! Must READ!!! and better yet, Claudia Gray has a series called Evernight!!! I will definitely get my hands on these and reviews are coming! This book can be read as a stand alone.

We loved this book so much we decided to giveaway a new shiny hardcover copy of Balthazar to one of our followers. 

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  1. Thanks for the chance to win, this book sounds so good! As for Jenny's review...I've just spent too much of my time trying to decide if mindblowingly is a word or not! I think no, because ly usually makes a word an adverb, and you are describing a book, noun, which would require adjectives such as delicious. So I think you would just say it is mindblowing and delicious. I'm officially a nerd now!

  2. Loved your review! Makes me want to read it. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Great review! I have the other books in this series just haven't read them yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. of COURSE!! I thought you had already read the Evernight books...I'm yet to read the last one which is Afterlife but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the series is really good plus Claudia gives a really distinct kind of voice to her stories!
    I simply am dying since day 1, when Claudia first posted about her writing a Balthazar book,to get the book. I fell in love with Balthazar reading Evernight and even more while Reading Stargazer but in book 3??? I didn't want Bianca(She's the main character of the Evernight series) to even look at him...I wanted him all to myself! :D
    Now with your review??
    I'm crying. I need this book like YESTERDAY!!
    Thanks for the review!! And I hope you get the time to read the Evernight series as well!
    Oh! And thanks for the giveaway too!

  5. EEE!!! Gray can do no wrong, her books are fab. Balthazar is my fave character in the evernight series. Oh, i just love him lol Paws off Jenny! he's MINE lol

  6. Wow! Jenny, you make this sound so awsome! I'm going to have to add this to my to-read list on Goodreads. I've heard a couple other things about Claudia Gray's books, but I haven't had a chance to actually look up her books. I'll have to call up my library and put a hold on the Evernight series after your glowing review for her writing since Balthazar is going to have like five hundred holds at my library. :/ *SIGH* Three year waiting. Yay.

  7. This book is at the top of list! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this one! Who doesn't love Balthazar? I know NO ONE! Thanks for the chance. Hugs to Claudia for this one!

  8. Great review, Balthazar sounds so awesome! Can't wait to read it.

  9. I loved the Evernight series and have been waiting to read this book for awhile. I'm glad to see that you loved this book! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book.

  10. Great review! I still haven't read any book of this author but now I'm really curious about her work. I can't wait to read this book and know more about Balthazar.
    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  11. Jenny's review was great! descriptive, and enticing me to pick up this book immediately. I loved Evernight series so this is perfect. Thanks for the fantastic reviews I count on to help pick my next read.
    p.s. I filled out the giveaway form but my GFC name is different than my actual name.
    -Sherry Wakelin = Momarabbit

  12. I've read the Evernight series and since that series Balthazar has been one of my favorite characters, he's like the dream man/vampire :D I do recommend the first two books of the series but then dunno the third book didn't like it much! Read them and i'll be stalking your blog eager to read your review! Thanks for the giveaway! ^^

  13. I love this series and I can not wait to devour this book..

  14. Great review by Jenny. I have yet to read anything by Claudia Gray but I met her last night at the Books & Books signing *waves at Jenny* and I must say that I was sold. The way she described the novel made me want to get back into reading about vampires again.


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