Book Review: Last Rite by Lisa Desrochers

Last Rite
Personal Demons #3
Author: Lisa Desrochers
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal
Release Date: May 8th 2012
Review Source: Tor Teen
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) In this final installment of the thrilling, edgy Personal Demons series, the battle between Heaven and Hell has become critical, and Frannie Cavanaugh is right at the center of it.

With the help of the powerful angel Gabe and demon-turned-mortal Luc, Frannie has been able to stay one step ahead of the forces of Hell. But when the demons killed Frannie's best friend and destroyed her brother, they raised the stakes. If Frannie wants to keep her family and friends safe, she knows she has no choice but to go on the run.

Their best defense is the power Frannie has been struggling to master, but her attempts to hone her skill go horribly awry. If Frannie doesn't learn fast, the consequences could be devastating--even apocalyptic.

What happens when you can't outrun Hell...or trust the ones you love?

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!! I'm sad to see it end. What a tug of war I have experience with these books. Lisa has created characters that are addictive to read and fall for. You love one more than the other and five minutes later love the other more. The fight between good and evil in Last Rite is turn up many notches. This book is so Great, that it helped me get my reading mojo back after the ordeal with loosing my house to a fire. I had not been able to read anything until I began Last Rite. So a million Thank you to Lisa. 

Last Rite is the final battle and Frannie is on the fore front of it all. Can you imagine one day your a regular teenage in high school the next day you are in the middle of a war between Angles and Demons. That's a story for your grand kids alright. Frannie luckily has had a few people to help her along the way. Luc (melts my heart away) and Gabe (makes my heart sing) have manage to help and strength Frannie thru this battle with hell. It hasn't been easy though, Luc demon turned human and everything else in between has hurt Frannie and Gabe being the angel that he is wants but can't have and well consequences must be paid. Frannie in this chapter looses a few people very close to her and it practically destroys her. Frannie being who she is will try and correct everything in her power that she can. She will not stop until she can change everything. Who will triumph this battle Hell or Heaven or just plain Frannie????  

Seriously I know series have to end, but I would and could have read this series for ever I think. I really adored this series and the characters that Lisa has created. Get ready to be moved and possibly even cry with everything taking place in this last installment in the Personal Demons series. Click HERE to read all my previous reviews for Personal Demons and Original Sin by Lisa from this series. 

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  1. I have had this series on my tbr list for a long time and you have now convinced me to move it up to the top. Can't wait to read it! The nice thing about waiting is that the whole series is out so I can read all three books all together. :)


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