#DivergentNation - #Dauntless Faction needs your support!!!

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TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!!!! Today was the day that I found out that we had been chosen to be a part of The Dauntless Faction team. This awesome package was delivered and inside you can see our Dauntless Faction announced. Along with our faction announcement came a ARC of Insurgent and a welcome sheet. Im not kidding when I say I ran around the house like a mad women screaming and jumping for joy!!!  If I wanted to be a part of a faction, DAUNTLESS is the only way to go!!!  Dauntless Faction are The Brave plus we have Four and Tris on our side!!!!  So will you jump with us onto the Dauntless Train? Will you be BRAVE???? 

So what comes next is your help to get Dauntless to prevail over the rest of the factions. Starting Monday April 2nd and continuing on till Wednesday April 25th, Team Dauntless needs your help!!! Our main objective is to get the word out about Insurgent and Divergent and all its awesomeness of course. Insurgent will release on May 1st, but before Insurgent hits stores nationwide, make sure to follow along with all the #DivergentNation news. 5 factions exist and each faction has been assigned a faction leader with 9 team members. Our goal in each faction is to get you involved and CLICK on the Dauntless tumblr page. The faction that gets the most hit on tumblr WINS. So I know you will help Dauntless beat out all the rest of the factions. Just click on that link and it will take you over to the tumblr page, where you can get all the latest news on Divergent, Insurgent and Veronica Roth. 

Again check back with us on Monday April 2nd and stay tuned because Team Dauntless is brainstorming and plans on bringing you guys some amazing incentives to get you to CLICK on that tumblr page. To stay on top of all the news on twitter follow hashtags #TeamDauntless and #DivergentNation. 

JOIN THE BRAVE!!!!  Tris and Four did, so why not you!!!


  1. BOOM! Team Dauntless for the win! We got the best strategy and some really fly graphics.


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  3. I just took the quiz & I'm on Dauntless! I'm so happy I got chosen for Dauntless (:


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