25 Blogs Present: Kindle Fire Giveaway + $50 Amazon Gift Card

25 Awesome book blogs have joined together to bring you one great giveaway! Its on Fire!!!

Many of us would love to own a Kindle Fire but let's face it... they aren't cheap. 25 fabulous book blogs have each chipped in money towards the purchase of a Kindle Fire, we even had enough money left over to offer the winner a $50 amazon gift card to purchase ebooks. So you just don't get the eReader, you also get money towards adding new eBooks to the Kindle. That's pretty awesome if you ask me!!!

So from April 6th to April 22nd you can enter to win! One winner will receive a brand new Kindle Fire plus a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card to purchase content for their new Kindle Fire.

Brought to you by:
I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
Ereading on the Cheap
Good Choice Reading
Once Upon a Twilight
Bookish Babe
Hippies Beauty & Books
Bookhounds/Bookhounds YA
Reading Lark
Stuck in Books
Reading Teen
Bookworm Lisa
Fire & Ice
Uniquely Moi Books
Lady Readerstuff
Rex Robot
Books That Tug the Heart
The Mod Podge Bookshelf
Truly Bookish
The Book Pixie
Better Read Than Dead
Refracted Light

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  1. Wow!! I don't think I've ever seen so many come together to make such a gift happen for someone else. Amazing!! It was quite an experience just to see who each of you are, and to follow you. I hope you're all willing to follow those who take the time to care, as well. It seems to me that book blogging is supposed to tie us together in a neighborhood of like minds and a unity of love of books and those who write them and about them. In these days of competition for numbers of followers and those type of "points," it's great to see so many of you banning together to do something nice for others.... Thank you for caring and sharing!

  2. *groans* So many entry points I can't do. XC No twitter account, no facebook account. Grrrrrr.

    1. Wish I could help you guys spread the word about Team Dauntless, but like I said, not allowed to have a twitter or facebook account do to some bullying my parents have noticed on them. Plus, I'm a little lost with the whole 'Faction" team. I haven't had a chance to pick up the books. :/ Sorry.

  3. Thank you guys go much for the generosity. You are all amazing. I would love to win the Kindle Fire.

  4. The rafflecoptor is taking forever to load and when it does it will take one, maybe two entries then freeze. :(


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