#TeamDauntless: Update on links to click + recap

Hey #TeamDauntless and soon to be new members. We have a recent update to the link to click to get Dauntless ahead of the rest of the factions. First you could click on the Dauntless Tumblr and then it was changed to Dauntless Faction News which was the Harper Teen Insurgent page. Well Harper Teen announced that both links can be used and clicked on to get our faction to win. They will combine clicks for both pages at the end.

So once again those links are:

Here is a recap of everything happening in the #TeamDauntless world:
  • We started a street team for #TeamDauntless - read all about it HERE
  • First Street Team assignment is tweet: #IfIWasFearless I would _________! Be brave, face your fears and choose #TeamDauntless ! #DivergentNation http://bit.ly/choose_dauntless
  • #TeamDauntless Nook + Insurgent ebook giveaway- click here
  • #TeamDauntless Insignia by S.J. Kincaid ARC giveaway - click here
  • #TeamDauntless Street Team sign up giveaway- click here
  • #TeamDauntless Insurgent Book Trailer - click here
  • #TeamDauntless Spoiler Free review of Insurgent by team member Anna Reads - click here
  • #Team Dauntless Divergent-Inspired Unofficial Score post over at Divergent Nation - click here
  • #TeamDauntless The List by Siobhan Vivian book giveaway over at Good Books & Good Wine - click here
  • #TeamDauntless Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham book giveaway over at Tales of a Ravenous Reader - click here
Ten blogs have dedicated 30 days of their lives to be DAUNTLESS together. This is a competition of the 5 Divergent Factions. Please be Dauntless with us and let's make Dauntless the winning Faction.

#TeamDauntless is ready to be brave!. Everyday beginning Monday 4/2, with the Nook giveaway until April 30th. #TeamDauntless will be posting a daily giveaway spread out between all the team members. Stay very tuned because the giveaway scamming up will only get better. Items you might not be able to get anywhere but from #TeamDauntless.

So throughout all these giveaways and tweets and everything else in between we only ask that you support #TeamDauntless by clicking on the link provided as many times as your heart desires to help us. We know you support the best faction- Who doesn't want to be Brave or Fearless???


  1. I get a runtime error every place I have clicked on the link that I'm assuming should take me to the Harper/teen site for the book.


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