#TeamDauntless is your choice! + Enter to Win a Nook with Insurgent eBook!

"I AM #TEAMDAUNTLESS!  Be fearless and join me #DivergentNation http://bit.ly/choose_dauntless"

We told you #TeamDauntless would bring their "A" game. I am so proud to be a part of the Dauntless Faction. Who doesn't want to be the Brave!!!

(this is the new link that we need your support on clicking)

When you choose Dauntless, you are choosing to show your bravery and courage. You are the person who will leap off buildings and jump into trains. You are that person that will choose Faction before Blood.  When you are part of the Dauntless Faction, you are free as a bird. You feel as tall as the highest mountain and strong like a diamond. This is why Tris and Four choose Dauntless and so will you!!!

So today #TeamDauntless wants your help in getting our faction to win over the rest. #TeamDauntless came together and today we are giving you a chance to enter in winning a Nook and a eBook copy of INSURGENT. So thats a Nook Simple Touch and Insurgent all in one just for you.
To enter all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below and your good to go. You can enter multiple times a day as along as you go visit the Dauntless Faction Site. So visit as often as you like and increase your chances at winning. 
We ask that you help us recruit #TeamDauntless members and help spread the word. If you tweet, use hashtags: #TeamDauntless #DivergentNation or #DauntlessFaction

Today our Dauntless Faction leader: DivergentFans.com will be announcing all the members of #TeamDauntless. This is just the beginning, stay tuned as #TeamDauntless will bring you more and more perks as you help as prevail over the other factions. You can also show your support by changing your avatar or Facebook profile picture to the Dauntless Faction icon. Once Upon a Twilight has gone Dauntless on Twitter and Facebook, so we hope you will too!!!

Tweet: "I AM #TEAMDAUNTLESS!  Be fearless and join me #DivergentNation http://bit.ly/choose_dauntless"

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