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Charles (Volume I): Dangerously bored. Charming to a fault. Harboring a dark side. A sinister secret forced Charles from Australia. Now he's stuck in Spring Valley with his superficial cousin Mason and a bloody endless parade of manicured lawns. The only girl worth his time proves immune to his charms. He has no one to play with. That is, until his cousin's girlfriend Abby shows there’s more to her than meets the eye. Suddenly things get a lot more interesting and a dangerous game is set in motion that may bring his past back to haunt him.

Palmer (Volume II): Whipsmart. Seductive. Will stop at nothing to get what she wants. An ambitious scholarship student at Spring Valley Academy, Palmer is determined to earn her place at an Ivy. She knows deep down that she deserves more than her paltry lot in life. Mason and his family owe her. They owe her big. And if they don’t deliver, she’ll take her secret to the press. The only thing in her way is Mason's goody-goody girlfriend. But against Palmer, Abby doesn't have a prayer.

Mason (Volume III): Athletic. Addicted. Attention-starved. Mason has everything, from his shiny Mercedes G-wagon to his family’s posh compound. And he would be happy, if it weren’t for his needy girlfriend. Abby. Even if he no longer wants her, he can’t stand the thought of her with someone else. Especially Charles, who makes it no secret he plans to steal Abby. With Mason’s volcanic temper, it’s only a matter of time before the rivalry with Charles comes to a head.

Rowan (Volume IV): Clever. Conniving. Life is but a social experiment. Rowan is Abby’s mousy best friend, or so everyone thinks. But Rowan knows Abby only pretends to care about her. Especially when Abby humiliates and betrays her on a double date. Selfish, spoiled people like Abby and Mason deserve to be punished. Rowan knows just how to move the players around the board to make them pay.

Exclusive Excerpt from Once Upon a Twilight: ALIBI: Volume I, Charles:

     Charles replayed that first kiss over and over in his mind. There were hours on end when he couldn’t get away from it. The light scratch of her nails under his shirt, the way her body curved into his, urging him forward. He was surprised to find himself dreaming up ways to be alone with her again. He’d thought he was the one in control. It was making him crazy.
     Charles was half asleep on the couch in Mason’s rec room when he heard the front door open and shut.
     “Hi,” Abby said. She stood in the doorway. She was wearing a short skirt that showed off her legs, and a tank top that hugged her curves. “What are you doing?”
     “Just falling asleep.” Charles yawned, trying to hide his excitement at seeing her. “This movie is terrible.”
     “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll leave you alone.” She seemed distracted.
     “Again with the apologies,” Charles muttered.
     “Don’t mind me.” Her tone turned snappy. Her moods were a mystery to him—hot and cold.
     “No,” Charles said. “Come here. I’m Sorry, I’ve been rude.” He sat up and patted the spot next to him. She sat down on the far end of the couch, safely out of his reach.
     A familiar hunger started low in his belly. “What’s up?” he asked.
     “Ace and I were supposed to hang out, but he seems to have forgotten all about it.”
     She looked at him pointedly, as if waiting for him to make a move. Charles kept his face impassive.
     “Too bad, I guess,” she finally said, playing with a loose thread on the hem of her skirt.
     “Too bad,” he agreed.
     “I’m not really sure what to do with myself.” She laid her head back on the couch, her eyes locking onto his. “I’ve got all this free time.”
     “Come over here,” he said, his voice low.
     “Why?” she asked.
     “Because I asked you to.”
     “You didn’t ask nicely.”
     “Come over here. Please,” he said.
     She slid closer to him. Her bare thigh pressed against his leg and he imagined all the things he might do to make her forget about Mason; to forget his own troubles.
     His finger traced a circle on her skin, just above her knee. Her lips parted to release a gasp of surprise. And pleasure.
     So he kissed her, sliding his hand up her leg. Of course she blocked that move. Just like she gently grabbed his wrist when he tried to slide his hand up her shirt. But slowly, painfully slowly, she let him inch the tiniest bit closer. Clothes came off, one by one. It was no wonder he was beginning to do strange and impulsive things—these American girls were driving him to the point of madness.

The ALIBI series is available now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble . "Twist is giving away a new iPad to one lucky reviewer! Details at Twist Literary's website. And don't forget Alibi Volume I: Charles is on sale in May for only 99 cents!"

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  1. I haven't heard of this series before, but it sounds really good!

  2. Holly - it's a really good series, well worth checking out!

  3. Sounds like an amazing series!


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