Book Review: Soulbound by Heather Brewer

Legacy of Tril #1
Author: Heather Brewer
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Fantasy
Released: June 19th 2012
Review Source: DIAL
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Tril is a world where Barrons and Healers are Bound to each other: Barrons fight and Healers cure their Barrons' wounds in the ongoing war with the evil Graplar King. Seventeen-year-old Kaya was born a Healer, but she wants to fight. In Tril, and at Shadow Academy, where she is sent to learn to heal, it is against Protocol for Healers to fight. So Kaya must learn in secret. Enter two young men: One charming, rule-following Barron who becomes Bound to Kaya and whose life she must protect at all costs. And one with a mysterious past who seems bent on making Kaya's life as difficult as possible. Kaya asks both to train her, but only one will, and the consequences will change their lives forever.

Vastly known for her Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Heather Brewer takes a step a way from the vampires and slayers to create her own unique world. Soul- bound, the start of the Legacy of Tril series, is a very balanced book that is a really good read if your looking for something new and fresh. The author continues to develop as a top tier author and it clearly shows in her new book. Her character growth isn’t just restricted to her main character but all of her characters get deeper. The pace of a novel is very important and the author does a good job of keeping it well balanced, having a fair share of action and drama. She has a unique style of writing that I think readers will like.

In Soul-Bound there are two main types of people in the world who are the Barrons and the Healers. The Barrons are warriors that fight evil forces. After fighting, it is the role of the Healer to tend to their wounds, as the Barrons are responsible for protection and safety of the Healers, from the evil that lurks in their world. This code is shaken up though when a young idealist healer arrives on the scene and decides that she can protect herself just fine. Embarking on a journey to save the lives of her parents Kaya goes on an identity quest that will change her life forever. Of course it also doesn’t help if your caught into a classic love triangle with two very different people. Soulbound is an exquisite book that is a very good sign of what’s to come of the new hit series by Heather Brewer.


  1. I've read a couple of reviews of this book, and I'm very curious about it! =) Thanks for your review I want to read it even more now!

  2. OOhh this sounds really interesting. Great review!


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