Book Review: No Longer A Gentleman by Mary Jo Putney

No Longer A Gentleman
Lost Lords #4
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Historical Romance
Released: April 24th 2012
Review Source: Zebra
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Grey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, never met a predicament he couldn’t charm his way out of. Then a tryst with a government official’s wife during a bit of casual espionage in France condemns him to a decade in a dungeon, leaving him a shadow of his former self. Yet his greatest challenge may be the enigmatic spy sent to free his body—the only woman who might heal his soul.Cassie Fox lost everything in the chaos of revolution, leaving only a determination to help destroy Napoleon’s empire through her perilous calling. Rescuing Grey is merely one more mission. She hadn’t counted on a man with the stark beauty of a ravaged angel, whose desperate courage and vulnerability thaw her frozen heart. But a spy and a lord are divided by an impassable gulf even if they manage to survive one last, terrifying mission….

No Longer A Gentleman is a historical romance set in the early 1800's of Great Britain and France. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will read other stories in The Lost Lords series. It will appeal to the hopeless romantics and also those ladies empowered by a strong female lead.

Cassie Fox is an unlikely British spy. After she lost everything in the miserable consequence of the revolution, she is determined to help destroy Napoleon's tyranny. Her latest mission is to determine the validity of a claim that Lord Wyndham, whom many presumed dead, is actually imprisoned and report back her findings. Cassie being the ever sly fox, seizes an opportunity of escape for the Lord. Escaping may have actually been the easier part. Now she must see him safely out of France and to Great Britain.

Grey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, was a handsome fair haired golden boy. He angered a high official in the Ministry of Police in France and landed himself in the confines of the officials castle dungeon. After 10 years, starvation or madness are certain when an unexpected escape gains Sommers' his freedom. He will not be safe until he flees France and returns Great Britain. A difficult journey to begin with, but compounded for Grey by his instability in a world he has not been a part of for so long. He has been without human contact during his captivity and quickly forms an attachment to his savior. Cassie helps Grey but reminds herself that this is just a mission that she must not fail. She believes their passion and chemistry is only for as long as the man needs her to readjust to present day life. However, the contemptuous French official is plotting his revenge on Lord Wyndham and Cassie may not be through with Grey as soon as she thinks.

I really enjoyed this journey. Cassie and Grey learn so much about themselves. They evaluate long held preconceived ideas that would indicate they should not be together and examine their own insecurities. They discover their true fortune isn't held in freedom, homes and estates but happiness, trust and love.

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