Book Review: Phase by E.C. Newman

Phase Trilogy #1
Author: E.C. Newman
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal
Released: July 6th 2012
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from publisher) Sophie Todd hoped that her senior year would be different. Unfortunately, different seems to mean getting punched in the face for sticking up for the new girl, having her offer of friendship spurned by said new girl, and finally gaining the attention of her long-time crush, Ezra Varden, but for all the wrong reasons.

It's a tenuous friendship at best, but as Juliet starts to open up to Sophie, they both realize that the Vardens, Juliet's foster family, is not your average family. They're extremely close-knit—freakishly so—but they welcomed a complete stranger into their home, which just so happens to have the largest meat freezer anyone's ever seen...

...and certainly no one said anything about Ezra and the wolves.

Sophie Todd is your typical teenager entering her senior year of high school. She has never been part of the in crowd and she has always had a unrequited crush on Ezra Varden. She reaches out on the first day of school to a new girl, Juliet, and not because she is the new foster child of the Varden family. They have a rocky start to their friendship that starts off with Sophie stepping into the middle of a fight, to defend Juliet, that results in a painful punch to the face. As she gets to know Juliet, Sophie also gets some insight into the Varden family. They are not your typical family and the more of an insider Sophie becomes, the more she realizes that none of her newly embraced friends may be totally human. The Vardens secrets just might be the explanation for all the wolves sightings around town. But if she learns the worst of the Varden's secrets can they let her live?

Phase was an enjoyable read. For me the plot was pretty predictable and there were not any great surprises. In my opinion E.C. Newman wrote a quick read that wasn't hard to finish but was not memorable either.

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