Once Upon a Twilight is in VACATION MODE!

August 2nd - August 17th

Hey everyone!!! The time has come to put the blog on Vacation mode. I (Yara) will be leaving on vacation tomorrow and not returning until August 17th. The majority of the trip will be out of the country and without Internet. So as far as post go, only post scheduled will be posting. I have been working everyday adding content and leaving it scheduled but you will still notice a drop in posts. By Monday August 20th, OUaT should be up and running on normal schedule. 

If you have won a giveaway recently from us, please be very patient. Once I have return anything I need to mail off to a winner will take place. If you won a giveaway and it was offered by author or publisher, same rules apply as always. If you will be emailing OUaT during this vacation time, you will get a vacation reply that once I have return, I will begin to go through the inbox. During my vacation, no one will be responding to any emails. OUaT is a team of reviewers but only I handle the emails, posting and so forth. So don't be alarmed if I don't email or tweet you back during this period. I promise little by little I will attack all message once I am back. 

If your wondering about my trip, well I'm flying from Texas to Florida so that I can fly from Miami, Fl to Cuba. I am flying to Cuba to pick up my boys that have been there all summer with my husband's family. So I am very excited to see my boys once again. 

As far as reading, not sure if Ill get any done being that you can't take any electronics (so no nook or iPad) into Cuba for political reasons and to take a book would add to the limited weight I am allowed to bring. If I go over my allowed weight, they charge a hefty amount of fees. 

So now you know whats going down on the site for the next weeks. See you all back on 8/20!!! 

p.s. on 8/20 kicks-off the Evergreen Blog Tour for Brenda Pandos that we are hosting. Make sure to stay tuned for a post in the next week or so that will share the full schedule. 


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