Blog Tour: Evergreen Twitter Party!!!

Brenda Pandos and OUaT would like to formally invite everyone to join us on Twitter to celebrate Evergreen. Evergreen is the sequel to Everblue from Brenda's Mer Tales Series. We just wrap up 3 weeks of blog tour stops. If you happen to miss a stop or the whole tour, you can still see all the posts HERE and possibly enter giveaways still on going.

So now that you have been invited to the Twitter Party for Evergreen. Let's tell you the details. The twitter party will be on Friday, September 14th from 9pm - 10pm EST (6pm - 7pm PST). There will be fun questions and trivia hunts to take part in. Brenda will have 10 prizes to award 10 lucky winners. To follow along real easy just look up the hashtag #EVERGREENPARTY and or to make it even easier head to and follow the instructions. Just sign in while in tweetchat to twitter and enter the hashtag and your in the party on tweetchat. Easy peasey!

So don't forget Friday at 9pm EST on twitter its the #EVERGREENPARTY!!!

Just leave your twitter name in the comments!

Another way to join the Twitter party is:

How to join a Twitter Party

Never been to a twitter party? It's easy!

To join, follow these steps:
Step 1: Use tweetgrid to join the party at

Step 2: You should see this page. 
Step 3: You want to enter in the party hashtag
Step 4: Enter in the hosts:
Step 5: Enter in YOUR ID
Step 6: Press JOIN THE PARTY

What you see is the party on the left, hosts in the middle, your tweets on the right.

Step 7: Enter in your id and password (it's secure)

Then you are ready to PARTYYYYY! :) There will be fun trivia, prizes and cyber food! Hope to see you there!!!!


  1. I wish I was going to be home but I work evenings. :( Maybe I'll have to take a break around that time and join in on my phone!

  2. @dinahsaur74 or @dinahsaur74jail i love books! Tweet ya there! :D

  3. Mer Tales sounds great! I'd love to win both lol and I have a Kindle too if I don't win a book! I love those kinds of stories, just read up on Amazon :)


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