Extra! Extra! Read All About It: Daemon Invasion in your city!

Daemon Invasion in your City! 

Did I grab your attention? Well I hope I grab the attention of all those fans of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux Series. The folks at Entangled Publishing are hosting a contest for the release of OPAL, to see what city will get a visit from Jennifer and Pepe (Book cover model -Daemon). So HOUSTON let's do this!!!! 

You can read all about the rules and how to get your city on board by visiting Entangled Publishing website HERE. Ill post a short variation of them here as well, but to actually nominate your city YOU MUST visit Entangled Publishing post.

Ok here are the deets:

First you create some form of content and post it and then link it. So create a video, or an awesome group photo or just get crazy with the post. The point is they want to see creative.

Second you fill out the form with your city, link to you posting and email address. 

Lastly you tweet the nominations too! 

Here are some important dates to know: 
Oct 1 – Oct 30: Nominate Cities
Nov 3: Five Finalist Cities Announced
Nov 3 – Nov 24: Vote for 5 Finalist Cities
Nov 26: Winning City Announced
One day between Dec 11-18: OPAL Release Party!

So what happens if your city wins:

Again please visit Entangled Publishing website for all contest rules. They have frequently asked questions and everything you might need to know mentioned. Good luck to all those who enter, but especially to HOUSTON. I hope we the stop!!!!  

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  1. Only one city will be chosen so it's important that you follow the link to the Entangled website and fill out the form. It's simple form - only requires your email and the city you want chosen. If you have additional questions, contact Jennifer's publicist, Stacey O'Neale: soneale {at} entangledpublishing {dot} com


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