#DaemonInvasion - VOTE HOUSTON - Opal Release Party!

Trini @ A Book Lovers Review & I (Yara) are asking (begging) for your vote in the #DaemonInvasion. 

Help bring Jennifer L. Armentrout and cover model Pepe a.k.a. "Daemon" to HOUSTON, TX.

We are 1 of 5 finalists to get chosen to vote for to bring the OPAL Release Party. We found a bookstore willing to host the party, we have brought you entertaining posts with Jib Jab videos and we are devoted fans of the series. 

If HOUSTON wins the release party, several bloggers have said including OUaT, will host a HUGE giveaway on each site. Here at OUaT we will give a ginormous box of books away. The box will contain anywhere from 20-30 books. Plus other sites like Cari's Book Blog, A Book Lovers Review and Just a Book Lover are a few to name that will also hold a HUGE giveaway if HOUSTON wins. 

So if you haven't voted yet, PLEASE CHOSE HOUSTON. If you did vote, you can vote from different IP addresses (computers, phones, iPads, anything that connects to internet). 

Anyone can vote, even if HOUSTON is not near you, we ask that you help out of courtesy. We have worked hard to get nominated as one of 5. 

Voting ends November 13th at midnight PST

To view all the jib jab videos created by A Book Lovers Review click each link below (be ready to be entertained):

Jib Jab LOVE Video: http://www.jibjab.com/view/i2nMMhpilQJ4tY6Y

Jib Jab AMORE Video: http://www.jibjab.com/view/EjkrDwId3ENxpjVw

Jib Jab Halloween Video: http://www.jibjab.com/view/SkZB6bEaTe6PeVKFG1zPYg

All #DaemonInvasion posts: http://www.onceuponatwilight.com/search/label/daemon%20invasion%202.0

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