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Day 2 of #BIR2012 has just begun! 

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Today's Best I've Read Book is:

Evergreen by Brenda Pandos
Mer Tales Series #2

Why was Evergreen chosen as a #BIR2012 book: Evergreen is one of the most vivid mermaid stories I have read to date. Brenda does such an excellent job with the setting and characters. Evergreen has it all: action, humor, thrills and of course Romance! Plus look at the gorgeous cover. To read my full review of Evergreen, just CLICK HERE

A conversation between Brenda, Ash, Fin and myself:

Yara: Welcome Brenda, Fin and Ash to OUaT. So happy to have you all 3 on today to celebrate Evergreen being selected on this year's Best I've Read 2012 event. It has been a good year for Evergreen and Mer Tales. How does it feel to be apart of such a great book and series?
Fin: It’s been pretty amazing actually, all the popularity, and awesome reviews about it. I’m a little surprised though considering in the book I almost—ouch! (Fin glares at Ash) Why’d you kick me?
Ash: Sorry. (she smiles apologetically) I didn’t want you to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t read Evergreen yet.
Brenda: Yes, let’s keep this interview spoiler free.
Fin rolls his eyes and huffs: Fine. Yara, you’ve got a bunch of drama starved readers and I for one need a break after all that I went through. (Fin turns to Ash and Brenda) Better?
Ash intertwines her hands with Fin’s and smiles: Yes.
Brenda: Yes, I’m stunned and honored we’ve been picked for the Best I’ve Read event. I’m so proud at how great Ash and Fin handled everything I dished out to them in Evergreen. It was quite a rollercoaster, and we’re happy to be here to visit with you.
Fin: Yeah, and apparently we’re still alive.
Ash glares.
Fin: Kidding… well, kind of.
Yara: Fin this year you were also featured on the Fifty Shades of YA boys, did that change anything for you?
Fin blushes: Uh, yeah. That was cool accept, did you hand out my number to someone, Yara?
Yara clears her throat: Not that I know of. Ash how did you feel about knowing he was picked as a YA hottie?
Ash: I think it’s great that that happened, but as I told that one girl … Jena was her name I think … Fin’s taken and we’re bonded, so he’s not on the market.
Brenda giggles.
Yara: Brenda did they celebrate this news or was there a bit of jealousy going on?
Brenda: I think Fin handled his fame fine and Ash trusts him, so it went well. Personally, I wasn’t his answers until I read the blog post… he’s a funny one.
Yara: Brenda when it comes to telling Ash and Fin's story, how do they behave for you most of the time?
Brenda: For the most part they both are pretty cooperative. Okay, I take that back. Ash was broody and unpredictable in Everblue, and Fin did a 180 on me in Evergreen with his attitude and recklessness. So, no. They’re always surprising me, but I love having them as my main characters. Keeps things from becoming boring.
Yara: Ash & Fin what do you wish Brenda would write in to your story already?
Ash and Fin look at one another and smile.
Fin: Well, I’d love to kick Azor’s ass already.
Ash: Me, too.
Fin: And then there’s other stuff.
Ash blushes: Fin!
Fin: What?
Ash: Don’t mind him, Yara. What’s the next question.
Yara: Can all 3 of you describe Natatoria to us and probably why we would love to go visit it?
Ash looks down: I’ve never been there, so …
Fin: You will one day, babe. It’s pretty cool. The underwater city has all these neat houses with air bubbles inside. Mer’s like to collect human stuff, though they’re not really supposed to. We actually do a lot of stuff we aren’t supposed to do, but it’s all harmless. And the girls like all the colorful sparklie stuff, so it’s pretty. And the singing 24-7. It’s peaceful.
Brenda: Readers will learn a lot more about Natatoria in Everlost, actually. Pretty much the entire story takes place there. But sorry, Fin. After you left, things didn’t remain peaceful.
Yara: What will the 3 of you strive for in book 3 next year?
Fin yawns: Well, from what I hear, a lot of Tatch’s drivel.
Ash hits Fin in the arm: Don’t say that about your sister.
Fin: Well, she does.
Ash: You’d do that too if you were promised to Azor. (She makes a sour face)
Fin: Fine. You’re right. Somewhere we make an appearance, so I hear. (Fin raises a brow at Brenda)
Brenda ignores Fin: Yes, Everlost is in Tatchi’s perspective, so we’ll learn all about what she had to deal with while Fin and Ash were away.
Yara: Can we expect it to be back on the BIR2013 event?
Brenda: Wouldn’t that be cool! We’ll have to see if Everlost is just as loved as Evergreen.
Yara: Maybe a tease?
Brenda: Hmmmm… You’ll just have to wait and see!

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  1. The only one I've really read was Of Poseidon by Anna Banks... But I really would like to read Everblue and Evergreen!! Thanks for the giveaway!! :D

  2. Unfortunately, I haven't read any books featuring mermaids/mermans =(

  3. I really liked FLORENCE by Ciye Cho. :)

  4. I have to admit I haven't read many but I always liked the sirens in the Odyssey.

  5. Hmmm... can't think of anything actually!

  6. Promises by Amber Garr was fantastic!

  7. I haven't! I would love to discover more mermaid stories.

  8. i am just now reading everblu and i love it! would love to have a signed copy, mine is on my kindle

  9. I really enjoyed TANGLED TIDES. Otherwise, I'm waiting to start MONSTROUS BEAUTY which is a really dark version of mermaids!

  10. I've only read Of Poseidon. That was really good.

  11. Thanks for the great post and congrats to Brenda on the new release! Does the original Little Mermaid count? Cuz I'm drawing a blank otherwise.

  12. I LOVE mermaid stories! Some really good ones are Tangled Tides by Karen Amanda Hooper and The Fins Trilogy by Ashley L. Knight.

  13. Forgive My Fins by Tera Childs & Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs were favs of mine

  14. I havent read any books about mermaids yet but I want to very much. Thanks for the giveaway. Tore923@aol.com

  15. I love mermaid books. Forgive My fins is one of my favorite series. Tempest Rising is good also. I just started reading Of Poseidon and it's good so far. Thanks for the giveaway; I haven't read Everblue yet!

  16. Have not read any books about mermaids

    ctymice at gmail dot com

  17. As Angie F. I'll go with Florence by Ciye Cho because it's the only I can remember ever reading.

  18. Haven't read any mermaid tales! Want to though! Loved Brenda's Talisman Series! Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I've read Of Poseidon - recommend that one! I also have read Little Voices, but don't recommend it!


  20. I really enjoyed Fathomless by Jackson Pearce!

  21. I'm really enjoying Amanda Hockings Watersong Series.

  22. The graphic novel Sailor Twain just came out. I haven't finished it, but so far it's good :)

  23. I've never read a mermaid story yet but I really want to. There are several on my need to read list on goodreads. This one looks very interesting and would love to read it.

  24. I never read a mermaid novel I feel like I am missing out.

  25. Of Poseidon by Anna Banks is the only mermaid book I've read as of right now but I really liked it. It was really funny with awesome characters.

  26. I've read all the Fins books by Childs and really liked and would recommend them. I also read Of Poseidon, The Vicious Deep, and one other that I can't remember the name of (but didn't like so that's ok). I did like Of Poseidon too.

  27. I haven't read any really, so I would love to get my hands on these!

  28. I haven't had a chance to read any books with mermaids or sirens. I would really love to read some and I am for sure going to buy some books with them in it after the new year.

  29. I have read the Fins are Forever series by Tera Lynn Childs. They are pretty cute.

  30. I haven't read any yet, but I have some on my wishlist!

  31. Of poseidon was a really good book~
    forgive my fins (first in a series) was also really good~


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