Book Review: The Vincent Brothers by Abbi Glines

The Vincent Brothers
The Vincent Boys #2
Author: Abbi Glines
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: August 21st 2012 (Simon Pulse)
Review Source: Purchased
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Hot romance is the cure for heartbreak in this sequel to The Vincent Boys. Getting a boy to fall head-over-heels in love with you isn’t easy. Especially when he’s been in love with your cousin for as long as you can remember.

Lana has lived her life in her cousin’s shadow. Ashton always made perfect grades, had tons of friends, and looks model-perfect. And she’s always had Sawyer Vincent—the only boy Lana’s ever wanted—wrapped around her finger. But now things are different. Lana has a chance to make Sawyer see her, and she’s taking it. If only he’d get over Ashton—because Lana is sick of second-best.

Sawyer’s heart is broken. He’s lost his best girl to his best friend. And then Lana comes to town. Ashton’s cousin has always been sweet and soft-spoken, but now she’s drop-dead gorgeous as well. Sawyer doesn’t know if Lana can heal his broken heart, but spending time with her might at least make Ashton jealous.

What starts as a carefree fling becomes a lusty game of seduction. Sawyer and Lana may have different motives, but their scintillating hookups are the same kind of steamy. . . .

Oh My Vincent Boys! Abbi Glines sure knew how to get our blood heated with these guys in these pages. When I say heated, I mean heated in a very good way that even curl your toes up! Abbi's writing is so carefree, its feels like a warm day at the beach. It just flows and you absorb all of it with this smile on. The Vincent Brothers is SAUCY (this is my new favorite word) at it finest!!!

The Vincent Brothers is a follow up to The Vincent Boys, its set a few months later after Beau and Ashton have been dating now for some time. This time the story follows Lana and Swayer. Lana is Ashton's cousin that in The Vincent Boys we found out her father cheated on her mother and visited Ashton for a few days. Well Lana is back and convinced her mother she could stay the whole summer. Lana has a plan and that plan includes Swayer, who is now available for the taking. Problem with Swayer being free, is that he might be free but his heart is still Ashton's. Swayer is having a heck of a time adjusting to Beau and Ashton's relationship, it kills him inside to watch them together. So when he runs into Lana, he decides on a summer plan. He plans on using Lana as a summer fling to help ease some of his pain from Ashton. Lana doesn't know this at first and she sets off on her plan to concur the right Vincent boy. Well thing is somethings are better off not being planned, what happens when these plans explode in your face? Hearts get broken and people get hurt. How will Lana and Swayer figure out the summer before its time to head off to college, well read and you shall find out. 

I have not read the extended versions of either Vincent Boys books but I do intend to very soon. I know it will be worth every cent. If you have yet to read either book then you are in for a treat and can skip the censored versions and go straight pass go to the uncensored version of both books. Abbi Glines added over 10,000 more words to the stories and those fade to black scenes, Ha! I hear they are long gone and you get all the saucy details in the new versions of the books. For the minors, you have been warned, we know you like to read these older books, so I won't stop you but I hope you are allowed to by your folks. While its not Fifty Shades of Grey, it still mature reading. I do get it though, because if I was 16 again and these books were in my time, I would not have had to steal my mom's old romance novels and would have had something closer to my age to read that would have been a whole lot better. So be cautious. And as for those that can read these without parental permission, ENJOY!!!!!!  Abbi Glines is an excellent writer. Now I'll have to fit in her other series into my busy reading schedule. The dilemmas of a reader. 

p.s. I was a all about Beau then I began this book and Swayer did come close to Beau until I saw that he chose University of Florida, GATORS BABY!!! that gave him major brownie points with me and now I love both Vincent guys EQUALLY! This Florida native has to holla' for her team!!! 


  1. I have THE VINCENT BOYS sitting here staring at me as we speak (thanks Mandie Baxter!) and I can't WAIT to start reading it!
    Great review, Yara!

  2. Good review! i loved both these books and can't wait to read the extended editions!


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