Book Review: Handbook for Hot Witches: Dame Darcy's Illustrated Guide to Magic, Love and Creativity by Dame Darcy

Handbook for Hot Witches: Dame Darcy's Illustrated Guide to Magic, Love and Creativity
Author: Dame Darcy
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Graphic Novel/Creative Guide
Released: August 21st 2012
Review Source: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Combine a graphic novel with a dash of crafts, a sprinkle of feminist fairy tales, and a whole cauldron of spells—voilà!—Dame Darcy's Handbook for Hot Witches. This is the guide for girls who want cool things to do and great friends to do them with, who aren't afraid to be their different, awesome selves. It's a celebration of powerful, creative girls—the sort of girls who may have been called "witches" once, but who, as this book proclaims, are "hot," because of their talent and their uniqueness. With sections on banjo playing, beauty spells, palm reading, and much more, this fully illustrated handbook will send girls on their way to independence, creativity, and magic.

Handbook for Hot Witches is my first book from Dame Darcy. It is filled with spells, palm reading, Tarot card reading, astrology, and everything you need to be a witch. It’s a fun quick read especially for middle school girls. I especially love how Darcy teaches that people will call us weird, when we are different from the rest of society, but in reality, it’s the diversity that makes us beautiful and special.

I really enjoyed all the illustrations. They were creative and beautifully done. There are recipes on how to make soap and even hummus, which by the way, I have to try, because I love hummus. Dame Darcy also shows us how to make an oatmeal mix for sunburns; I know I will be using that next time I come home from the beach. There is even a dream dictionary! I love those.

Handbook for Hot Witches is a great book for any girl. It’s fun, creative and loaded with useful tips. I totally recommend it.

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