Book Review: Over You by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus

Over You
Authors: Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: August 21st 2012
Review Source: Harper Teen
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) After the grand explosion of her relationship, seventeen-year-old Max Scott developed what every girl in the history of the world has been waiting for: a way to get over being dumped. Now Max is the go-to guru for heartbroken high-school girls all over NYC. But when her ex unexpectedly shows up in her neighborhood, Max’s carefully controlled world starts to unravel. With her clients’ hearts hanging in the balance, Max will have to do the seemingly impossible: get over him once and for all.

Brilliant at bringing humor to the trials and tribulations of the lovestruck, #1 New York Times bestselling authors Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus have crafted a tale that will resonate with any girl who has ever been in love or had her heart broken. It brims with smart observations, features a pitch-perfect teen voice, and will attract fans of Jenny Han, Sarah Mlynowski, and Lauren Barnholdt. Readers are sure to fall head-over-heels for this sharp spin on breaking up, making up, and getting even.

Have you ever had your heart broken by a guy and just wanted to find a way to get over that guy. You would do anything to get over them. You lay in bed all day and night crying and crying until you can't cry anymore. Just the smell of the cologne or a picture of them gets you crying. Days have gone by and you feel so much better and you are so glad that you haven't thought of them until all of a sudden your out grocery shopping or walking down the street and you look over and see your ex boyfriend with their friends or with a new girl and your past comes back and then you can't stop thinking about them again. Then the whole thing starts over for you and you are crying. Its like the domino effect. But you wish there was someone out there that could get you through it and to help you cope with it. Well that is what Max does to help other girls get over their ex boyfriends.

Max helps other girls get over their ex boyfriends by telling them to eat, take showers, stop crying, and to get rid of everything that reminds them of their ex boyfriend. They listen to everything that she says. Sometimes she has to put something on the windows so they can't see their ex boyfriend that lives right across the street. Max thinks its easy to get these girls through their breakups because she has been through it all and knows she will never see her ex ever again. Well one day Max is coming back from a clients house of hers and she looks across the street and realizes she sees her ex boyfriend. She looks twice to see if that is really him. It is. She ask her friends if he is really back in town and they find out he is going to the school that she wants to go to and will be close to her in her neighborhood. She can't believe it because she has gotten over him. She starts to crash and starts over him again. Max ended up meeting a really nice guy when he brought the crib to her house to have him build it because he mom is having a baby. They have a connection with each other. But with max ex boyfriend in town all she can think about is him and nothing else. She is concentrating so much on him that she is starting to put her business aside. But the thing is would you go back with your ex boyfriend or just never think about him again. After reading this story I had my past going through my head making me think why did I ever date these guys ever and what did I see in them. Then I remembered that dating those guys and going through all that stuff made me who I am today. Plus if I got back with any of my ex boyfriends I would have never met my husband ever. He is the greatest thing that has happened in my life besides my children..I know where there was times when I was dating or thinking about my ex boyfriend all the time and my family tried to help me or my friends but we don't listen to them because we think they don't know what they are talking about. But then you think about it and they really did know.

So if your looking for a book that will solve all your answers about ex boyfriends and ex girlfriends and wishing you had a friend that would help you like Max did. Then you will love this book. Its like reading somebodies diary or journal or just reading gossip. It was awesome. So take a chance and read this wonderful book by these great authors. You won't regret it.


  1. I got this book for review a while ago and I passed up on reading it because it looked so boring, just like everything else out there. But you actually made it sound interesting. Thanks! I'm going to pick it back up now.

  2. This sounds different but cute at the same time. I definitely wouldn't have chosen it before but now I'd give it a try.


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