Pens! Camera! Action!: Submit Your Questions for 'The Host' cast Max Irons & Jake Abel

On Tuesday, March 12th, Lisa and I will be interviewing Max Irons and Jake Abel. Max Irons portrays Jared Howe, who is Melanie boyfriend before she is captured and becomes host to Wanderer. Jake Abel portrays Ian O' Shea, he part of the human colony hiding from "them" and falls for Wanderer. 

So if you guys have any questions regarding the movie and the roles the guys will be playing. Then sub,it your questions in the comments section. The interview will be recorded (video or audio) and posted over at in its entirety (our new site dedicated to books to movies). Here at OUaT I will let you know when the interview is posted. 

Remember we are only taking questions associated with the movie 'The Host' and Jared and Ian's characters. No personal questions or questions regarding other films. 

On March 29th I will have the movie review posted for 'The Host'. I am embargoed from posting any reviews now regarding the movie. We saw it yesterday and cant wait to tell you all about it. 

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  1. I'd like to know which were their favorite and least favorite scenes to film and if either of them ever felt the need to ask Stephenie for more information about their character.

    Also, I just want to say that I was not convinced that Max could be Jared until I saw the film. He was perfection!


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