We Have Declared Today as Lover at Last Day!

I'm officially making today Lover at Last Day! This is the one time that the majority of Once Upon a Twilight crew can read the exact same book at the same exact time. 

Last night at midnight a few of us download a kindle or nook copy to begin reading Lover at Last by J.R. Ward, the 11th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. We have been counting every second since last year release to be able to finally read about the 2 most deserving characters in this series that deserved their time finally. So we are thrilled to be able to read about Blay and Qhuinn in Lover at Last. We hope that they can finally have their H.E.A. (Happy Ever After). We can only assume thought that The WARDen will not make it easy but we will be there for every second of it. 

So have you declared Lover at Last for you today also? Let us know what you think so far if you began reading it? If you finished already, how long did it take you to read it? Will you be going to the Cincinnati signing event? Come chat with us here all things Lover at Last!!!


  1. I love you guys for doing this!!
    Sadly I don't have my copy just yet...

    But I'm sure my heart will break a million times!

    Alba @ BookPics

  2. Oh man. Good and bad.......

    First the Good.

    Have been waiting and waiting and waiting (oh and WAITING) for this book. Never never ever was a reader of MM to be honest prior to Qhay. Actually looked into it BECAUSE of Quinn and Blay, and if this latest release was not Quay, would have walked away as my heart could just literally no longer take anymore.

    Many amazing and riveting parts to the book. The whole plane part of the story was AMAZING and made me start crying LOL. Truly loved that. Loved Wraths addressing the Glymera, was right in there LOATHING Quinns family with everybody else and honestly - I thought Layla was AWESOME and finally grew up. I get Assail more now, feel invested in Xcor for sure (:)) But where was JM really in all of this??... I would have thought he would be all over this. Udderstand the Shadows better and understand iAm a whole lot more for who is really not very talkative

    I felt SO frustrated with Quinn and Blay. Felt the drama was contrived to last WAY WAY too long, felt NO research in MM writing was done AT ALL (pls Ms Ward, I would like to introduce you to Amy Lane, prep and a tube of lube. You'll like her - angsty, character driven etc etc just like you) and ended up having moments where I actually was DISLIKING Blay. Never have thought THAT was even possible.

    And I was kinda OK you know, frustrated, but hopeful.. hanging in there to the bitter end for sooooo long through the book, and I kept thinking - they'll come together now. Oh, not yet huh?? Ok it MUST be now.. Then I hit 75%, and thought SURELY NOW, but no. For gods sake.. the last 20 pages??? and then "1 week later.." I remember reading the page count, it was like 30 pages left and felt.. panicky and betrayed a little . Unfair.. I dont know, but COME ON!!!!!

    Did you just give up Ms Ward once they FINALLY both talked and heard each other? Felt it was done?? Was this just written for us fans or because you felt moved to write THEIR story??

    I felt like you couldn't be bothered to finish off the roller coaster we were on.. like dropping us off at the peak and telling us to roll in to the exit in a heartbeat with it was enough ?? AFter 600+ pages, wont lie, that was hard. Where was the the final sex scene with love and an emmotional connection that every other scene was missing and bringing us back to full circle when Blay would not let Quinn touch him after sex?? Where was the the argument with Sax resolved?? Where was the feeling that he DID have family with Sax being around and invested in his life? Why did a bonded male not react possessively after the BDB ceremony or at least have some discussion with Sax??? Wouldnt stop the other characters. I would have LOVED, freakn loved this book and all its convoluted angst, it they connected at 75%. That I could get. My heart was on a rollercoaster. I knew it, understood why and was committed. But a rushed resolution in bar and then "1 week later" ...

    Honestly, I'm torn from just being grateful it was written and terrified that she'll abandon Quay in the future or Sax's story with any bad reviews ( which is another whole level of wrong) .... to feeling ripped, a little pissed, and praying what was missed or glossed over will appear in future books. But I'm not stupid, if it was gonna happen, it would have happened in their book and I really feel the need to buy some great MM books and send them to JR Ward... with a tube of lube.


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