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In Vino Veritas #1
Author: Lauren Jameson
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Erotica / Contemporary Romance
Released: May 7th 2013
Review Source: NAL
Available: Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Book Depository

Summary: In BLUSH, all Madeline Stone wants is to heal from the ghosts of her past. She’s taking each day one step at a time. Then mysterious and captivating Alex Fraser startles her in a bar and turns her world upside down. Try as she might to banish the wealthy business mogul from her thoughts, he keeps appearing—and what he offers appeals to every last piece of her soul.

Alex does not date or have romantic relationships—at least, not in the traditional sense. Still, he wants Madeline, and his sexual intensity offers her an escape and a way to deal with her grief. They two embark upon a passionate erotic affair, but can it last when the secrets of their pasts are revealed?

Hotter than Fifty Shades and it's only one book. Yes, it's a series but the upcoming additions to the Il Vino Veritas series will center on the different owners of this off the Las Vegas Strip, BDSM club.

The first in the series centers on Alex Frasier, the exorbitantly wealthy owner of the El Diablo Casino and many other successful business ventures. One of those businesses is Il Vino Veritas, an ultra exclusive BDSM Club. Alex is a Dominant and has been a part of the BDSM lifestyle for much of his life. But like most well to do businessmen, Alex has secrets that go beyond his choice in sexual partners and what he likes to do in and out of his dungeon.

Madeline Stone also known as Maddy, is a waitress living on the outskirts of Vegas. She chose Paradise, NV to start her life over after the tragedy that befell her sister, Erin. Now, Maddy faces her demons everyday in the form of seeing a therapist who has encouraged her to create a bucket list of things that scare her but that she wants to try in her lifetime. One of those things is playing Blackjack in a Las Vegas Casino. So, Maddy takes a trip to El Diablo and orders herself a drink to work up the courage to approach the Blackjack tables. That's when she attracts the attention of the elusively handsome Alex Frasier.

Alex is instantly drawn to Maddy and her innocence. He wants her as his Sub but there's more to his attraction to her and it scares him that he's become so unhinged by just one meeting. But Maddy doesn't trust easily and won't reveal the most personal piece of her soul to Alex and it's the one thing he needs most to win her complete and utter submission and affection.

The romance and the fire between Alex and Maddy is scorching. The sex scenes are both intensely emotional and insanely erotic. Alex takes Maddy to places sexually that she would never have dreamed to put on her bucket list. Maddy finds herself drawn to the idea of Alex's BDSM world. Things that she ordinarily would have been scared to death of she finds make her extremely aroused and make her mouth water for Alex even more than just the site of his devastatingly handsome good looks.

You will need to read this book with a glass of water and may need a cold shower after reading each of the "scenes" that Maddy and Alex take part in together. The other two club owners, Elijah and Declan will be featured in upcoming releases and I am so looking forward to reading their stories as well. Elijah comes out to play for a little bit in Blush and will make you want him just as much as you want Alex. I can't wait for Breathe, Elijah's story, which is currently set to release later this year.

Lauren Jameson is a writer who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada. She also writes erotic romance as Lauren Hawkeye.

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  1. Great review! Makes me want to read it!

  2. I liked the review. You did not restate the blurb but gave new details.

  3. I really like the review. Thanks for this chance

  4. I really liked the review, it's refreshing to see someone write one that isn't a full blown book in itself. It was tasteful and to the point and I like those little peeks into it.

  5. Thanks for the great review!Sounds awesome :)

  6. The review alone got my blood pumping! I can't wait to read Blush! It sounds like a great start to a new series. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. This book sounds like something I would enjoy! What a good review!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Thank you everyone! Touched by the comments here! I hope you all enjoy it <3


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