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Sexiest Quote


“Did you get a car?”

“I did.” His eyes opened slowly, almost lazily, and met mine. Something in my stomach leaped into my throat. I couldn’t speak. “Your clothes are over there,” he said, nodding his head toward the bathroom counter. His voice was low and gruff from sleep.

“Right. I’ll get dressed,” I said, scooting away and turning my head before he could see the redness creeping into my cheeks.

I felt his hand close over my wrist and pull me back to the pillow. “I wasn’t telling you to get up,” he said.

“What are you telling me?” I asked, hating that I’d even voiced the question at all; afraid of the answer.

He didn’t respond with words, though. He leaned in and closed the gap, quick enough that neither of us had a chance to change our minds. Our lips met and held for a long moment and then his mouth moved against mine. This was bigger than the first time we’d kissed. That had been almost chaste, the way his lips had planted themselves on mine, unmoving and hard. This was different. Like a dance, starting slow and building into something heavier, something I wasn’t sure I could stop.

(Cold Blood)


We pass the main after-school traffic. It’s only us and the road. I put the cruise control on and reach my hand across the car, resting it on Brooke’s thigh.

She peers at me with wide, excited eyes and spreads her knees. She’s trying to hold back a smile, but I want to see it.

I reach farther and glide my hand along the inside of her thigh.

The rise and fall of her chest quickens.

My thumb rubs along the rough fabric of her jeans.

She drops her head back against the seat and her eyelids flutter closed. She bites her lip and rocks her hips slightly with the same speed as my hand, working to get more friction.

By the time we pull into Garwin’s neighborhood, she’s rocking in earnest and I’m trying to talk myself out of going down her pants.

I pull the car into the space on the side of the house as we’re less likely to be seen here. We scramble out of the car and I meet her on her side.

I kiss her, but she demands more. I push her against the car with my hips.

She lifts one leg and wraps it around my thigh, stroking the back of my head with the tips of her nails, going against the growth.

Chills run down my spine.

Damn, I love when she does that.

I grab her ass and lift her. I need more of her.

She wraps both legs around my hips, deepening the kiss—kissing me so deeply my soul kisses her back.

(Enemy Within)

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