Book Review: After the Rain by Karen White

After the Rain
Author: Karen White
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Chick Lit/Romance
Released: December 31st 2012 (reprint)
Review Source: NAL Trade
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) From “one of the best new writers on the scene today” (The Huffington Post) comes the sequel to Falling Home, a novel set in the picaresque town of Walton, Georgia, where one woman is about to discover that the best journey is the one that brings you home.…

Freelance photographer Suzanne Paris has been on her own since she was fourteen—and she has no intention of settling down, especially not in a tiny town like Walton, Georgia. She’s here to hide out for a little while, not to form connections. Her survival depends on her ability to slip in and out of people’s lives, on never staying in one place for too long.

But no one in Walton plans on making things easy for Suzanne. For one thing, it’s a town where everyone knows everyone else—and they all seem intent on making Suzanne feel right at home. For another, Suzanne can’t help but feel drawn to this tight-knit community—or to the town’s mayor, Joe Warner, and his six kids. But Suzanne can’t afford to stick around, even if she’s finally found a place where she belongs. Because someone is looking for her—someone who won’t stop until her life is destroyed…


I was all excited about starting this really great book by Karen White. I sat down and just couldn't wait to read it because the back of the book sounded like my type of book that I would read. Right from the beginning it was really good about the main character Suzanne Paris who is a freelance photographer decides to runaway from her life back home and wants to move to a little place but not to make roots there and not fall in love with anybody because she is just passing through and is hiding from a certain someone that won't stop looking for her until her life is destroyed. After I got more into the book it felt so familiar and then I remembered reading a book about this same situation but it was called Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. 

I am not saying I didn't like the book I loved it because Safe Haven was a really great book also. But reading another book about the same thing happening to the main character that happened in another book was kinda hard for me to read that book and not think about the other book. The main character Suzanne doesn't want to get close to anybody or fall in love with anybody. Until she meets a handsome mysterious guy named Joe Warner that has 6 kids because his wife passed away. But Suzanne just wants to hide for a little bit and then get out because she doesn't want to make any friends. I finished the book and loved it but just wish it had a bit of a different story then Safe Haven. So when you read it try not to think about that book and try to think about this book and love the story and the characters. Sorry this review is so short but I tried my best but all I wanted to write about was Nicholas Sparks Safe Haven instead of this book. But take a chance and read it. If you didn't read that other book then you will love this book.

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