Book Review: Back to You by Robin Kaye + Giveaway

Back to You
Bad Boys of Red Hook #1
Author: Robin Kaye
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: December 31st 2012
Review Source: Signet
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) It would take a miracle for Storm Decker to return to Red Hook—or a tragedy. The neighborhood holds too many painful memories of his troubled childhood, along with the mistake that sent him running from the kindness of the ex-cop he’d come to consider his father. But when Pete suddenly falls ill, Storm is called home to face the past he tried to leave behind long ago…

Breanna Collins never expected to see Storm again after he left town without a word, breaking her heart. She’s angry that he can’t seem to appreciate all the changes in their hometown. But she still feels a powerful connection to her old flame. And unless she can remind him of all the reasons to stay, she knows he’ll never stick around long enough to give their romance the second chance it deserves….

This book was a beautifully written romance that threw in steamy scenes, mystery and drama that kept me coming back for more. I laughed and found myself yelling at the book in frustration at times, but even with being frustrated I HAD to read on!! One of those reads that has you hooked from the start.

The book starts off with Storm Decker returning home to Red Hook. He had a hard childhood. He was taken in by an ex-cop named Pete but Storm and his brother’s call him Pop. By the title you probably understand that Storm and his brothers are bad “the” bad boys; they were all taken in by Pete and raised as they were his. Storm had always ran when things got difficult while growing up and once he turned 18 he ran for good, so he thought anyways. He left without telling anybody why. He had hurt so many by leaving but Storm made something of his life. He went to school and ends up owning his own company making sail boats and racing boats. His new home where he built his company is in Auckland, New Zealand. He was happy in his career but there was one thing that left Storm feeling empty, his love for Breanna Collins.

Breanna had her own demons haunting her. Her father was on the force with Pete and was killed while on duty when she was young. Her mother went into overprotective mode since her father’s death and ended up sheltering Breanna while smothering her at the same time. Pete took Breanna under his wing as well to be a father figure in her life. She ended up falling hard for Storm and then he graduated and left so fast she had been left heartbroken, lost and plain out mad.

Pete had a heart attack and ended up having surgery but wasn’t able to run his restaurant/bar; the Crow’s Nest. He had already made Breanna the manager so she was taking care of the Crow’s Nest and Nikki whom was a little girl that Pete took in before the heart attack. Breanna was drowning with all the weight of taking care of everything so she called the other boys to come and help her out but they were busy with their own businesses and they ended up calling Storm. Nobody told Breanna that Storm would be the one to help and when he showed up all hell broke loose. Can Breanna and Storm settle what he left behind him eleven years ago?

This book is a must read if you like reunion stories. I was captivated with each page. I really liked how the characters and their actions were very realistic. The book had a great flow to it and I can’t wait to read the next in the series.

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