Book Review: Painfully Ordinary by Stephanie Amox

Painfully Ordinary
Lumina Saga #1
Author: Stephanie Amox
Reading Level: YA
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy
Released: December 15th 2010
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon

Summary: (from goodreads) Two teenager's lives become not so ordinary... Caitlin and Leah are content with the slow and steady pace in their small Texan town. They have the typical challenges of any American high school - evil girl cliques and oppressive ex-boyfriends. They see themselves as painfully ordinary...but that soon changes. The arrival of two newcomers at school sets Caitlin and Leah on an explosive path of magic, betrayal, secrets and forbidden love. The discovery of Caitlin's true identity causes tremendous upheaval in her painfully ordinary life. Caitlin must learn to embrace her birthright and trust in her friends or she risks endangering them all.

I liked reading this book because it was a fast read from the beginning and then all of a sudden it started slowing down when you got further into the story. The Main character Caitlin drove me nuts. It felt like I wanted to slap her because she was so bossy and so demanding of wanting to know answers right then and there. Plus it felt like no other people were involved in the story and it was just about her. When I was reading some parts into the book I was getting into the story and the characters and then all of a sudden they were on to something else the next minute. It felt like they went off topic from what they were talking about. That drives me nuts. But the author did do a awesome job with the theme and the characters of the story. I won't complain about that. But I will only complain about the main character. Caitlin and her best friend Leah are high school students that have a another life that they don't know about. Until one day they when they went to school and they end up noticing two hot good looking guys that must of just started there. Well Caitlin ends up talking to one of the guys named Jace and then she meets his friend Talon. Leah falls in love with Talon and feels sparks whenever he touches her and Caitlin feels the same way about Jace also when he touches her. But the funny thing is that Jace has all his classes with Caitlin and Talon with Leah. Well they start going out to dinners and to a bomb fire. Well at the bomb fire things start to get brewing and this is when they find out they are different. Caitlin and Leah find out they are Lumina. They just thought they were just regular high school students but they aren't. Then we find out that Leah is adopted. Plus we also find out that Caitlin can't date or marry Jace because his type doesn't marry her type. But after reading this book I noticed that she is really mature for her age and should be a little immature because she is a high school student. She knew more about sexual things that I ever did at that age. 

So if you want a book that is a quick read and will keep you on your toes at all times then I would read this one. You will like it.

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