Book Review: Save As Draft by Cavanaugh Lee

Save As Draft
Author: Cavanaugh Lee
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Chick Lit/Romance
Released: February 1st 2011 (hardcover)
Review Source: Purchased
Available: Amazon
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Summary: (from goodreads) “Reading Save as Draft gives the vicarious thrill of peeking where one shouldn’t only to get drawn in by the warm and funny heartbeat with which Cavanaugh Lee has infused this up-to-the-second modern romance—a truly good time” (Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus, authors of the New York Timesbestselling The Nanny Diaries).

Inboxes are the new diaries, only much easier to find and unlock. Cavanaugh Lee’s fresh, fun novel breaks all the rules of dating—from misfires, typos, and emoticons to LMAOs, OMGs, and WTFs—while illustrating all that can go wrong with the latest forms of (mis)communication. Lee’s characters pull readers into their love saga and expose their inboxes as never before.

An epistolary novel told entirely in emails, Blackberry texts and messages, Facebook and profiles, Save as Draft follows the quirky Izabell Chin, a wannabe-actress-turned-lawyer, and the two men who love her. There’s Peter, the preppy, reserved co-worker and loyal friend, and Marty, a guy who arrives via an alluring profile. A love triangle evolves over the course of several emails and texts as these characters struggle to say what they mean and mean what they say in an era that leaves them wondering if things left unsaid—or rather unsent—could have changed the course of their lives forever.

In this witty novel the main character - Izabell or Izzy - is a lawyer, living in Georgia. and during a law internship she fall's for her colleague Peter. Izzy and Peter just didn't work out romantically, so they only stayed friends. Skip a few years, Izzy was convinced to try online dating where she met Martin. When she starts to like Martin, in comes Peter into her life again. So she starts dating them both, off and on, to see which one is her real true love.

As new twist to the classic love triangle this book is written all in email's, Facebook messages, and twitter messages. In the modern world I'm on social media almost twenty-four seven so it was easy for me to get into. I fell in love with this book, the story, and the characters because it is so relatable. The point of view is confusing at times because it's from the person sending the email or Facebook message. On the other hand it also gives the book depth because you can see the story from every one's point of view and understand every one's side.

All the characters are very likeable and relatable: Izzy, her friend's, and even the men in the story. They all seem so average and that is what gives this book so much charm. You can see day to day that they are just so normal. They get tired, moody, happy, sad and have typical expressions to things and I think it makes the characters more three dimensional.

All around I liked this book, it had everything that I look for in a good read. It has great humor, joking and making fun of themselves or others all the time. It has love, and not just with one person to one person. it is a love triangle. It's modern and trendy because it is written completely in Facebook message, twitter messages, and email which so many of us do daily. It has many twists and things I was not expecting at all which makes it more interesting. When I was reading this book, I could not put it down. I'm sure you won't either.

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  1. I love the way it sounds! Definitely something I would pick up based on the synopsis, but the cover is horribly dull and would most likely not catch my attention.


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