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Release Date: August 16th 2013 (USA)
Studio: Open Road Films
Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Main Cast: Ashton Kutcher (Steve Jobs) , Dermot Mulroney (Mike Markkula), Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak), Lukas Haas (Daniel Kottke), Matthew Modine (John Sculley), J.K. Simmons (Arthur Rock) and many more.
Screenwriter: Matt Whiteley
Genre: Biography | Drama
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some drug content and brief strong language
Official Website: Official Facebook | Official site | Official Twitter

Storyline: The story of Steve Jobs’ ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Jobs was an interesting and instructional film to see. I hardly ever choose to watch biographies, it’s the action lover in me that keeps me away from such slower paced films. I’ll tell you I am thrilled that I did get to see and witness the mind of a genius in this film. Steve Jobs was a man like any other man, except his mind was something else. It did sadden me that the same mind that created something as epic as Apple also was the culprit behind Steve Jobs having such a sad and lonely life. His mind was his friend but also his greatest enemy. In turn the film did not cause for me to love or hate Steven Jobs the person. Again if I did feel something towards Steve Jobs it was sadness at times. To have so much and at the same time be empty and lonely because of your devotion to your ideas is dumbfounding. But with all that said, he did create magic with Apple and the products that came from Apple.

Now on to Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. WOW! I like Ashton Kutcher for his comedies and in my mind that’s pretty much as far as his range goes. You never really associate him with something other than comedy. I have to give props when they are deserved and Kutcher delivered in JOBS. If Steve Jobs was alive today, i have a feeling he would himself commend Kutcher on such a job well done in portraying him. Kutcher showed such a range in his acting as the legend, it was hard not to watch him and be mezmorized and forget it was Kutcher and not Steve Jobs acting. From the famous speeches to the slouched and bouncy walk that Steve Jobs had, Kutcher nailed it. Kutcher must have obsessed over Steve Jobs mannerisms and quirks because if you put them side y side, they would look like they were clones. The passion and fierceness in Kutcher’s eyes, made you believe. Just alone for the acting that Kutcher delivered I would recommend to see this film. The Academy needs to take note here.

I want to also talk a little about the casting in this film. If they were looking to cast stars that looked like the real people who worked and surround Steve Jobs, they did a phenomenal job. At the end of the film they showed pictures of the real person next to who portrayed them and let me tell you they can be considered twins or brothers. They were spot on. Now if they did pick them to look like the characters and not so much if they could act, they got a bonus with all of them, because they delivered as actors and made they parts believable. Again kudos to the casting on capturing the real person to the actor.

JOBS has a fantastic pace throughout the film. The way they jump from year to year but didn’t dwell on a specific year for too long kept you interested. I liked how they started the film with Steve Jobs in 2001 when a very big announcement hit the world and then took the film back to when he dropped out of college. Then started from that year and on until Jobs gained his company back after Apple had removed him from office for several years. I was a bit afraid they would take the story all the way until Jobs passed away but they didn’t and I am very thankful for that. This film will help you remember his legacy and not his death. I would have like to see on a personal note when and how the iPod/iPhone came to be and also what sparked Jobs to bring his daughter into his life. I also would have loved if they would have shown Steve Jobs and Ashton Kutcher side by side during one of the famous speeches on the Apple stage instead of just a photograph. That would have been fantastic.

This movie will not be for everyone but if you do see it which I highly recommend, you will enjoy the life of Steve Jobs. We were very fortunate to have lived in the same lifetime as Steve Jobs and continue to enjoy what started off in his folks garage back in the late 70’s. I know everyday I use and can’t be without one of my many apple products and all thanks to Steve Jobs and dedicating his whole life to his vision and dreams. Apple will live on.

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