Book Review: Beautiful Bombshell & Beautiful Bitch by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Bombshell
Beautiful Bastard #2.5
Author: Christina Lauren
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Released: September 3rd 2013 (OUT TODAY)
Review Source: Gallery Books

A beautiful bastard of a groom-to-be. A bachelor-party-crashing bride. And one unforgettable night on the Vegas strip.

When Bennett’s friends steal him away from Chloe for a weekend of shenanigans and strippers in Vegas, their first stop doesn’t exactly go as planned. Their scheme for a guys’ weekend completely derailed, Bennett and Max take every chance they get to rendezvous secretly with the women they love. But when the persistently single Will Sumner catches on, the pair realizes they need to team up with him instead of butting heads if they’re to escape for more sexy Vegas hookups.

Beautiful Bastard’s Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan are back for one last blazing prewedding hurrah- but if what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, they might not ever want to leave!

Beautiful Bitch
Beautiful Bastard #1.5
Author: Christina Lauren
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Released: July 9th 2013
Review Source: Gallery Books


Just when Chloe’s career starts to take off, Bennett wishes it would all slow down long enough to spend a wild night alone with his intern-cum-girlfriend. Preferably one in which he can show her he’s still the boss.

After her continued refusals to take time off with him, Bennett can finally no longer take no for an answer. And so the couple find themselves with two plane tickets, one French villa, and a surprising conversation that, predictably, leaves them wrestling under the covers.

Picking up where Beautiful Bastard left off, Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan continue their fiery love-hate relationship . . . and take it to the next level.

THESE NOVELLAS ARE A MUST IF YOU ARE A FAN OF THIS SERIES. You will hate yourself if you don't read these 160 pages of Panty-rippin Bennett or Sexy-accented Max. It has all the pizazz the full length novellas have and some. You would think that in such a short book, they will limit to what they share with us. Ha! Not Christina and Lauren, they made sure to give you a continuance of the stories following Beautiful Bastard and Beautiful Stranger and didn't leave out a single moment of HOT LEMON-Y GOODNESS. Both books are equal parts HOT DAYUM!

One thing I want to point that I just effin love about these authors and this series is that they are realistic. You read a scene or chapter and reflect on on how it can be something you see yourself doing or even saying. Maybe minus the rich model like man but who is to say your hometown love can't get as saucy or snarky as Bennett or Max. So yeah, reading these books you can definitely relate with its modern words, phrasing and situations. It's fiction but the kind that stays with you and gives you the best book hangover ever, I'm talking toe-curling goodness! 

In Beautiful Bitch, Bennett and Chloe's story continues after Beautiful Bastard. They are having a hard time making time for themselves. Their jobs have them beyond occupied. Its feels like it's becoming a routine to Bennett, so of course he takes it upon himself and he sets then up to go on a vacation and just have every second to be with one another. Of course some bumps come along and the easy get away becomes somewhat like the trip that doesn't want to happen, then once they are together something BIG (get your minds out of the gutter) goes down. It will make your heart sing and be excited to be a part of these characters live that we love. 

In Beautiful Bombshell we get a dose of Bennett, Max, Will, Chloe and Sara. This novella takes place after Max and Sara's book, Beautiful Stranger. So remember I mention BIG before, well the boys are in Vegas celebrating Bennett's bachelor party a tad early because its the only open weekend they all have before the nuptials. It's suppose to be a weekend free of the ladies, only the guys doing what guys do when celebrating a bachelor party. So your typical strip club stop is a must with these guys. Funny part is that Bennett and Max both end of disappearing for a bit. Seems the ladies decided to mess with the boys while they are in Vegas. These guys once they have had a taste they just can't leave it at that and will stop at anything to keep finding the ladies around Vegas. You will be in stitches one moment then all hot and bothered the next. 

Perfect novellas to connect both books. I had a great time revisiting each character again and getting us ready for Beautiful Player next. Its Will's turn. Its about time the Playboy gets taken of the market. How difficult will it be, we won't know until we read in in October.

I recommend to anyone with a great sense of humor that likes the usual to unusual saucy tale. Not for the younger peeps. Contains strong sexual content and explicit words. So at least 18 years or older. These books have no comparison to other books, they are their own entity and that's what makes this series AWESOME. So head out today and grab your copy of Beautiful Bombshell!

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  1. I think that humor and erotic are can be a very strong combination. I've never read her books before, but thanks to your review I'm going to spend some time with Beautiful Bitch very soon.


  2. I loved this novella. So funny <3


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