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A Changed Life
Author: Mary A. Wasowski
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: August 6th 2013
Review Source: Blog Tour

Change is never easy.

For seventeen year old Nicolette Vanelle, life is about to change...

Relocating to California, Nicolette finds herself starting over. A new high school. New friends. New life.

Attending her first Hollywood event, Nicolette meets bad boy Michael St. Clair, and unknowingly becomes the object of his obsession.

Feeling overwhelmed by Michael’s attention, she escapes the party to go to the beach where she meets Simon Paulson. He takes her breath away, an inevitable connection leading to romance between the young couple.

Nicolette and Simon’s happiness is short lived and their relationship is put to the ultimate test when tragedy befalls Nicolette.

Can Nicolette find the strength and courage to emerge from the darkness she fell into? Will Simon's unconditional love be enough to bring her back into the light?

Life can change in an instant, leaving you changed forever.

I loved loved this book from the beginning to the very end. It was based off real life and those are the kind of books that I love to read. Sometimes when you read a book and you connect with the character because you feel like you have been through it also. Well with Nicolette the main character in the book I could relate to so much.

Nicholette is a high school girl that just moved from Chicago to California. First off she hates the move from that she had to make because she left family behind and all of her friends. Right after they moved there she had to go to a party with her parents because they help write songs for artists and movie scores. She fights with her mother all the time because of having to move to California. While she is at that party she meets a handsome rich kid that is a college student named Michael. Right off the bat she doesn't care for him and she tells him right from the beginning that she only wants to be friends with him. Then the next second she meets a handsome gorgeous surfer named Simon. He is just hot all around. She gets feelings for him that she doesn't want to ignore and hopes that he will like her the same way. Simon ends up falling in love with Nicholette right from the beginning. They start hanging out and talking on the phone all the time. She also falls in love with Simon also. Then all of a sudden something happens to Nicholette that shouldn't happen to a young girl. Michael the one that she doesn't care for and just wants to be friends with him. He keeps stalking her and telling her she needs to be with him. He will show up anywhere she is. She finds presents left by him at the locker even though he is a college student. It scares her so much and she can't do anything about it because her parents work for his father. When she tells her parents they told her to tell him that she isn't interested in a nice way. So she does and he just won't stop. Even her boyfriend Simon tells him to stay away from her. Well Nicholette ends up getting hurt by Michael. But I don't want to go so far in detail of the story because I don't want to ruin it.

After reading this story Simon stuck by Nicholette even after what happened to her. I could relate too her because my husband has stuck by me because of my past. That's what I love about him. I would really recommend this book to you to read. This is the type of book that you want to scream off the top of the roof and tell everybody to read it. It's a book that will stick with you to the very end. I even contacted the author to let her know how much I loved her book. She told me it made her cry because she didn't know her book would have this much affect on her readers and how they could relate to the characters. I even told her she needs to write another book about Simon and Nicholette. She said that she has been already asked about writing the sequel. Mary said she will probably do it. If she does I want to read it bad.

About the Author

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Growing up, I used writing as my outlet for my feelings, as I grew older I knew one day I wanted to do it professionally.

Finally pursuing my dream after twenty plus years, I have written my first book.

Happy Reading!

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“Nicolette, I want you to be my girlfriend. I care about you, and I think you care about me too. Am I wrong?” My head is spinning now, Simon is here telling me he wants me and only me. I am such an idiot! If I would have just talked to him today, all my misery that I put myself through could have been avoided. 

“No Simon, you’re not wrong. I would love to be your girlfriend.” He wraps his arms around me and holds me tightly to his chest. He smells amazing with the mix of his body wash and cologne. I was still on Simon’s lap as he kept me close to him. “I’m sorry about my dad last night and all of the questions.” 

“It’s no big deal. I should have called you when I got home, if I had, maybe today could have been avoided.” 

“Simon...sorry it’s my phone, it could be my mom checking in. I look at the number, and it’s Michael calling me. Not wanting Simon to see it, I quickly hit the ignore button. Simon loosens his hold and shifts me off of him. He stands up, running his fingers through his hair. 

“Michael, right?” 

“Yes, it’s him.” 

Simon re-joins me on the couch and holds my two hands. “Nicolette, again If I would have been honest with you, than we could have avoided all of this confusion today. I’m sorry to make you doubt my feelings for you. I wanted to talk to you today at school, and when I thought I was ready to do that, I saw you talking to Michael. I stayed behind until you left and then confronted him. He’s all about playing games, especially with me Nicolette, he needs to know that you are unavailable.” 

“Simon, I told him that I wasn’t interested in him, but he asked me out anyway. I didn’t say yes to him, he just asked me to think about it and to call him.” 

“Well, you are not going to call him, and if he comes anywhere near you, I need to know about it, okay?” 

“What is it between you and him? Why do you hate each other so much? Whatever it is, you can trust me Simon; you do know that?” 

“Of course I do, baby. I just don’t trust Michael, and I want you to stay away from him. I swear Nicolette, he comes around again; you need to tell me.” “Simon, you’re starting to scare me.” 

“Listen, I have history with Michael, and it’s a long and messed up one. I don’t want to discuss it right now.” 

“Simon, I have only seen Michael a few times since meeting him on the Fourth of July. He texted me a few times and sent flowers to the house. Today was the first time seeing him since the beach club party.” 

“Nicolette, that’s way too much. He’s a jerk, and he needs to get the hint that you are not interested in him. I almost punched Michael today, but Sam stopped me before I could.” 

“Tell me why you dislike him so much?” 

“Can’t you just agree not to see him and leave it at that?” 

“Not until you give me a valid enough reason.” 

Simon pulled me into his chest and slammed his lips onto mine. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through him. Simon calmed with each kiss he placed on my lips. No words spoken… just soft and gentle touches. 

“I have to go baby, I’ll call you later.”

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