Book Review: Game On by Melanie Spring

Game On
Varsity #1
Author: Melanie Spring
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Contemporary
Released: September 3rd 2013
Review Source: Poppy

Welcome to the world of high school cheerleading.

At the start of their freshman year, Chloe Davis, Kate MacDonald, and Emily Arellano have just one thing on their minds -- cheerleading. The girls are excited to join the Northside High JV squad, and Chloe is a lock for captain. Or so she thinks...

When newcomer Devin Isle arrives on the scene, she unwittingly shakes up the girls' tight friendship and rattles Chloe's confidence. But with regional competitions right around the corner, this is no time for the squad to fall apart. Building a human pyramid takes teamwork, after all!

"Welcome to the world of high school cheer leading." Freshman year has just started for Chloe, Kate, Emily and all the other girls on the Northside High Junior-Varsity cheer leading squad. Then newcomer Devin arrives and that causes a massive shake in their, already familiar, group dynamic. Regionals are close by and friendships, confidence, and teamwork will be tested.

Game On is a fun and light read for teenagers. Even though through out the entire book I was confused by technical cheer terms it was still enjoyable to follow along with the story of the Northside High JV squad. I love how we got to follow several of the girls story lines and not just the main character. Although I do wish we could have followed Kate's story a bit more being that there was a love interest and he was quite adorable. Everything was kept super PG though and it's probably why we don't venture into that romance more.

The story was predictable though. Nothing new stood out to me. Like I said, super light read. Light enough I'd let my ten year old sister read it. She's a cheerleader and might get more out of it than I did. There was a lesson in this story- teamwork is important, as are friendships.

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