Extra! Extra!: Fall for the new New Adult!

Fall for the new New Adult: 
a campaign to spread the word that New Adult is expanding into new and exciting categories like Historical, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Gothic, and more! Follow along to find out why best-selling NA authors & NA bloggers are excited to see New Adult expand outside of contemporary. (Full schedule can be found here.) And as an incentive to give the new NA a try, the Fall for New Adult bundle set will be available for a limited time. Set includes 4 great non-contemporary NA novels for only $3.99!

At OUaT we are thrilled about this news. Since New Adult hit the shelves we have been reading book after book that has come out. But it was beginning to read all the same, there is only so much contemporary romance you can read before you begin to get bored by it. So to know that New Adult will be branching out to include genres such as Paranormal, Sic-FY, Historical and much more, really gets us excited. If you have not read a New Adult title yet, know that New Adult is the in-between level. Its usually based around college age characters that are not teens anymore but not a mature adult yet either. So think 18-25 years olds, meaning New Adult books will have sex but it doesn't mean it will be only about sex, you just have to understand that age is when everyone is pretty much getting it on as opposed to a teen that isn't. I find that New Adult books though do filter or lessen the intensity of some of the sexual scenes written in their books. Another difference is the language, it can have bad words you don't see often in Young Adult books.

So now you have a clue of what a New Adult book will contain in its pages. Of course now it won't be just your typical contemporary novel, expect to see Vampires, Wolves and other paranormal creatures or post apocalyptic scene or even Utopian scene. This fall New Adult will branch out and we are very excited to start picking at all those branches. I do give thanks to the authors that have put New Adult on the board such as Abbi Glines, Jamie McGuire, Molly McAdams and many more. Even though it dominates with the romance, a great example of a New Adult novel that is branching out from the romance genre is Jamie McGuire's Red Hill. Its New Adult based in a apocalyptic settings with supernatural elements and it was EXCELLENT. So we definitely welcome the expansion and can't wait to read these books. 


We want to know why YOU want to see NA expand too! Join the campaign by grabbing the gif. above and blogging/tweeting about why YOU want to see NA expand! #NACampaign

Purchase the Fall for New Adult bundle set here! 

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  1. yes! I've been waiting for NA to expand into more genres! I can't wait to check these out!


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