Extra! Extra! J.R. Ward's Possession Signing Event Spoilers!

On October 5th in Cincinnati,OH, New York Times bestselling author J. R. Ward had her signing event for her latest release in the Fallen Angels series: POSSESSION. Below I am sharing the questions and answers that took place at signing. If you DO NOT want any spillers then DO NOT read this post. 

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Q: The long-haired guy that Sissy sees in the mall, is it Eddie?
A: Nope…KR

Q: Is the timeline for the BDB (Black Dagger Brotherhood) and the FA (Fallen Angels) the same?
A: No…since Tohr’s book, the BDB jumped forward a year and the FA spans about a week of real time, so far.

Q: Will JM ever know he’s Darius?
A: No, because it will mess up the relationships across the board. But we will see a lot of JM in the King.

Q: What is Wrath and Beth’s baby’s name?
A: Keeeeep reading

Q: Why didn’t Sissy go to the Mansion of Souls? Why did she stay on our plane of existence?
A: There are two rounds left. It should be painfully obvious who those souls are, so it’s a KR

Q: Sissy sees halos over the FA. Why did she a halo over GB?
A: Because the halo she saw denoted the Soul in play.

Q: Does Havers get with anyone?
A: Over my dead body lol

Q: The mansion that the FA are in, and Sissy’s reference to the draperies being heavy enough to keep a vampire safe. Can you tell us about the origins of the house?
A: I can’t tell you about the origins of the house, but Eddie’s presence in the attic is renovating the house. It wasn’t Sissy keeping the house clean and fixing it up.

Q: What’s up with the crazy clock in the house?
A: There’s some mystical sh!t going on with that clock. (But JR hates the freaking clock lol)

Q: What’s the inspiration for both series?
A: The series and the characters just show up, like a DVD in JR’s head. And she feels badly that when people ask her how she does what she does, there’s not a clear-cut answer.

Q: What’s up with Murhder? Will he be in the King?
A: It’s about time for Murhder to come back, but he won’t be in the King.

Q: After Nigel killed himself, and if Eddie can regenerate things, can he regenerate himself?
A: There’s a major misconception in that, but JR wouldn’t say what it was.

Q: Rhevenge’s book seemed to be written differently than the others? Was there a reason:
A: Rhev’s book is still the longest…JR found that the series went balls-to-the-walls during that book. So, that might account for the seeming difference.

Q: With the angels, is Devina a lost cause? Or is she redeemable?
A: Biggest spoiler ever: Devina maybe ends up with Lash!

Q: The Chosen were bred to be the breeders for the vampires. How are they going to be able to…um…have normal sexual relationships?
A: We will eventually see various Chosen develop…relationships. (Cleaned up significantly)

Q: What about Trez and Selena?
A: Trez is very attracted to her, and she has issues.

Q: Why are all the souls to be saved in the FA series male?
A: That’s just the way it worked out.

Q: Will you ever finish the BDB series?
A: JR says, we don’t use that F word. (Laugh, as she’s dropped the other one a lot so far)

Q: Some scenes were difficult to read. Which scene was hardest for you to write?
A: There were several, but the hardest is probably from Z’s book, where he was getting led by the soldiers, down the hallway. That was just horrific. Also, Phury’s book, after he banged that chick. That was a really nasty scene to write. One of the other worse ones was when Tohr calls home and is listening to Wellsie’s voice on VM and the Brothers all appear…that sh!t doesn’t happen if something bad hadn’t gone down. Then, the scene where Bella comes out of the mansion screaming Z’s name…Some of those scenes are just too hard to re-read.

Q: After those sort of scenes, do you have to take a break?
A: JR doesn’t really like to take breaks, so she just works through it, kind of like running the hard hill in a marathon. And that’s why she “contracts with her rice krispies.”

Q: It felt wrong to read that Nigel had killed himself. Did we read that wrong?
A: It was really a brilliant way to take himself out of the game. IT was all about the game. And yeah, he really did do it. JR is worried about Collin.

Q: The pony-tailed guy at the end, is that Nigel popping up again already?
A: That’s a KR. (KEEP READING)

Q: What is the Scribe Virgin’s favor from Wrath?
A: It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that the favor has to do with her return, but JR doesn’t know for sure.

Q: The next book of the FA is…?
A: Immortal

Q: Will Lassiter’s book be FA or BDB?
A: JR knows the answer but it’s a big KR.

Q: Will there be a conthest and will it be between Throe and Xcor??

Q: Who is s’Ex?
A: He is a Shadow and he is the Queen of the Shadow’s enforcer. He is terrifyingly fabulous. He’s soooo awesome.

Q: Is s’Ex in The King?
A: Hell yeah.

Q: Is Duke going to stay at the Iron Mask while he goes to school?
A:Probably not but he will def go to school.

Q: Will Jim take Nigel’s place and if he does, who will be the savior?

Q: About Dog…?
A: Dog is God.

Q: It feels like we’re gearing up for something big in The King? Are we going to lose any of the Brothers in The King?
A: Ummm….er….that’s a biiiigggg KR!

Q: Is JM ever going to be a Brother?
A: Duh (complete with rude gesture)

Q: Will Xcor and Layla hook up?
A: Again with the “duh”

Q: With Payne and Xhex out fighting, will we ever see a female in the Brotherhood?
A: I can’t answer that.

Q: Will Adrian ever become “functional”
A: There was a lot of hilarious offerings, but no real answer.

Q: Is there a sibling relationship between the BoB and the BDB?
A: Nice try. But I’m not answering that…but, it’s awesome

Q: Are Tohr and Throe brothers.
A: What? Who? Where?

Q: Throe is related to five families in the glymera…do we know those families?
A: Yes. (But no extension of that)

Q: In a previous signing, did you say that the Shadows will be sharing a female?
A: JR doesn’t remember saying that, but if she did, it wasn’t in the way you’re thinking.

Q: What’s a wolfen?
A: There are subspecies, like shadows, and wolfen are one subspecies.

Q: Who is on the cover of Possession?
A: That is Duke.

Q: Was Lassiter one of the four guys in white (in the mansion in the heavens) Has he repaid his debt to the Brothers.
A: Yes, but the four brothers Q is a KR

Q: Are Tohr and Lassiter close now, after what Lassiter saved him?
A: There is a serious side to Lassiter, and Tohr is grateful.

Q: Will Lassiter get a book
A: Yes, he will. He’s not featured in The King, and JR knows who the next book is after The King (and she’s not saying.) But, his time is coming. After the FA series resolves, we will know where Adrian, Eddie, and Jim are, and that will help determine where Lassiter is and where his stories falls.

Q: Is Havers still working on the synthetic blood?
A: No, he’s not.

Q: Will Assail be in The King?
A: Yes, he spends the first quarter of The King killing people because he’s not happy that Sola’s locked in a trunk.

Q: Will Saxton get a HEA?
A: Originally, JR thought Saxton died. But she thinks she knows who he ends up with. Saxton will play a big part in the King.

Q: Was it Saxton who betrayed the Brothers?
A: It was Saxton’s father.

Q: Will Rhage and Mary still get their novella?
A: Yes, and JR is still working on it.

Q: Are the Twins (Assails crew) in The King.
A: Yes.

Q: Will we see the fight between V and the SV over hiding his twin?
A: It’s happened, but no, we won’t see it.

Q: Will we get more details on previous couples?
A: We can’t see every detail on every couple, but we see more of previous couples in future books.

Q: What about Payne’s condition, her weakness when she uses her abilities.
A: The problem with her powers is that, it could make everything different. It changes the stakes. So, the weakness is necessary. Otherwise there would be no danger or risk. Payne does lay her hand on George and he lives for about 900 years. Boo doesn’t need that service.

Q: Is there another series in the works.
A: There is, but nothing about that yet.

Q: What about Butch and Manny’s dad…will we see him?
A: JR doesn’t know. There’s the question of whether there’s more siblings, but JR doesn’t know if we’ll meet the dad.

Q: Will there be another Insider’s Guide and will Rhage and Mary’s novella be in that?
A: JR doesn’t know yet.

Q: Did Muhrder and Xhex bond?
A: No, they didn’t.

Q: Is Jim going to get screwed over again by not knowing who the soul is in the next rounds?
A: Sissy can see the halos that designate the soul in play. She and Jim just have to figure that out.

Q: What about Jim saying to Sissy, “You’re mine”??
A: That’s the last thing the world needs. The fact is that Jim lost that round because he was distracted by Sissy. His care of Sissy was laudable, but it didn’t do anybody any good.

Q: Are we supposed to see Sissy as more of a woman now, because Jim was kind of creepy in his fascination with Sissy, who was originally portrayed as a girl.
A: That was one of the things that JR was concerned about with the series. Sissy is nineteen, and he’s older…JR’s job is to get what she sees in her head on paper, and let them come to their own conclusion. But, JR feels that showing people that it’s not squicky is her job. Sissy came out of the wall changed. She’s not the same woman…so, if JR has done her job, and people will see that Sissy isn’t a girl, their relationship won’t be squicky. Time was so different for Sissy in Hell. It was chronologically only weeks, but it was like hundreds of years for her. And, tho she’s only nineteen, her experience makes her older.

Q: About the new series?
A: JR won’t say anything about that.

Q: Will Butch and Marissa have babies?
A: JR says not everyone wants kids, so she just doesn’t know, but she hopes to revisit them.

Q: Will we ever see Michael from Story of Son?
A: JR just doesn’t know.

Q: Will Beth’s pregnancy only be in one book?
A: JR says that if she made the readers wait, they’d kill her, and so, IF Beth gets pregnant, it will be in one book.

Q: Will there be more Jessica Bird books?
A: There are some that should be written but, there’s just no time, but maybe…

Q: Will you be signing in Cincy for the King?
A: Yes, but Music Hall is under construction, so the signing will be in the Millennium Hotel Ballroom…details to follow.

Q: If Beth gets pregnant, will she have a human or vampire pregnancy?
A: JR says that she was surprised. It wasn’t just between human or vampire pregnancy, but there’s a third option. That’s all she’s saying!

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One of these days I will get in my car and drive to OH or where ever the WARDen will be signing. She is on my bucket list as an author I NEED to meet.

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