Movie Review: Romeo & Juliet #ForbiddenLove

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet

Release Date: October 11th 2013 (USA)
Studio: Echo Lake Entertainment | Swarovski Entertainment
Director: Carlo Carlei
Main Cast: Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet Capulet, Douglas Booth as Romeo Montague, Ed Westwick as Tybalt (see full list of the cast/crew)
Screenwriter: Julian Fellowes (screenplay), William Shakespeare (play)
Genre: Drama | Romance
MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 for some violence and thematic elements

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Storyline: Romeo and Juliet secretly wed despite the sworn contempt their families hold for each another. It is not long, however, before a chain of fateful events changes the lives of both families forever.

On Wedsnesday, I had the opportunity to see and review Julian Fellowes adaptation of one of Shakespeare most beloved plays, Romeo and Juliet, portrayed by English actor Douglas Booth as Romeo and Hailee Steinfeld from “True Grit” as Juliet.

The movie in whole did an amazing job capturing Shakespeare’s play, from the Elizabethan language, the setting, the attire, and some of the characters. I say some because I feel although in love, Romeo and Juliet didn’t have that connection I’m sure many of us look forward to seeing. Paul Giamatti did an amazing job portraying Friar Lawrence, deep and even silly at times! Damien Lewis also brought to life the possessive and demanding father of Juliet Lord Capulet. Some scenes as many adaptations where cut or changed from the original, but overall I really enjoyed the movie and it’s portrayal.

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