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We are thrilled to share with you today an exclusive short story written by the New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy. The second novel in Murphy's BILLIONAIRE BACHELORS CLUB series will release tomorrow (11/19). Murphy has written a sexy piece of our favorite bachelors, ARCHER, MATT and GAGE that has been divided into 3 parts (one for each bachelor). This short story is them hanging out one fateful night between CRAVE (Book 1) and TORN (Book 2).

Yesterday Happy Ever After (USA Today) shared the first part in the short story. They featured GAGE. You can read Gage's piece by clicking here. Then head over to Heroes and Heartbreakers for the third part that features MATT.

With that being said now you know that we will be sharing part 2 which is ARCHER's piece. ENJOY!

Marina Knight came to this party for one thing only: to slap Gage Emerson in the face. Poised to snatch up her family's real estate empire, the sexy tycoon is on the verge of making an enemy for life—even if he can make her melt with a single kiss …

When Gage discovers that the alluring woman before him is the key to his latest acquisition, claiming her as his suddenly doesn't seem quite so cut-and-dried. To get what he wants, he must get to know the fierce woman willing to face him down—as she steadily steals his heart.

Gage's persistence and intense passion war with Marina's determination to protect her family. As they delve deeper into an affair they didn't see coming, Marina's torn: Will she lose her heart to Gage—or everything she holds dear?

Find out more at monicamurphyauthor.com.

WARNING: The material below is only suitable for adults (18 years or older). It contains strong material depicting sexual activities and explicit language.

Ache For You: Archer 

       “Your brother is a miserable jackass,” I say the minute I walk into the bedroom. 
      Ivy’s curled up in my bed, looking rumpled and sexy as she flips through a magazine. “Why do you say that?” She doesn’t bother glancing up, too engrossed in whatever she’s looking at.
      Which is fine because I’m too engrossed with what I’m looking at too. She’s so damn beautiful she makes my heart ache. She’s wearing her black reading glasses that make her look like an adorable hipster nerd, her face is scrubbed clean of makeup, cheeks rosy. Lips pursed as she tilts her head, examining the photograph that dominates both pages of the open magazine—an interior design magazine, I’m sure. 
      She’s always pouring over them for ideas. She loves her career, and I love her for being so ambitious, so talented, so… 
      Hell. I am completely pussy-whipped when it comes to her and I could give a good goddamn. I own it. I love this woman. 
      And she loves me. 
      “He’s grouchy as hell. Claims he met a woman who hated him pretty much on sight.” I take my wallet out of the back pocket and set it on my dresser, right next to my keys. Undo my belt buckle and slowly pull the leather out of the loops of my jeans, letting it drop on the floor with a solid thud. 
      She still doesn’t look up. 
      “Don’t all the women Gage meets eventually hate him sooner or later?” She flips the page, glances up quickly to take me in but doesn’t seem impressed. Her gaze drops back to the magazine and she purses her lips again, makes a soft little noise like she approves of what she sees and she folds the corner of the page down. 
      “Yeah. Women used to feel the same way about me too you know.” Why the hell did I just say that? Am I butt hurt because she’s not paying attention to me? Have we already progressed to the next stage in our relationship? The boring, we-don’t-give-a-crap-if-we’re-naked-in-each-other’s-presence stage? God, I hope not. We haven’t been together long enough to already act like that. 
      “I’m sure they had good reason, Archer,” she murmurs, a little smile curling her lips though she’s still not looking at me, damn it. “You were quite the man whore once upon a time. Before I came along, rocked your world and changed your wicked ways for good.” 
      “Ha, modest much?” Everything she says is the truth though. I unbutton my shirt and shrug out of it, letting it fall on top of my discarded belt. Then I kick off my shoes, peel off my socks. “Does that bother you? That I used to be a man whore?” 
      “It is what it is.” She shrugs, flipping another page. The sound of the magazine crinkling is starting to irritate me. “Besides, we’re together now and I’m confident in knowing that you’re not going anywhere.” 
      “You really think so, huh?” I undo the button fly of my jeans and shove them off, until I’m standing there in my boxer briefs and nothing else. And my woman still hasn’t lifted her head to check me out beyond a quick glance. 
      I need to rectify this problem, stat. 
      “Oh, I know so.” She glances up, her eyes widening the slightest bit when she sees me. “Archer. Where are your clothes?” 
      “I still have some on.” I point at my underwear. “Though I can change that, if you prefer.” 
      A smile blooms and she slaps the magazine shut, setting it on the bedside table. “Are you coming to bed?” 
      “That was the plan. Though it’s not even nine yet.” Hell, I thought it was later. We are turning into the old couple that goes to bed too freaking early. 
      Though I don’t plan on getting any sleep just yet. I have other things in mind to occupy our time for a bit. 
      “I was tired.” She feigns yawning. “You can keep me warm though. Maybe even keep me awake for a bit.” 
      I flick off the lamp that sits on my dresser and walk over to the bed, tugging the comforter back so I can crawl beneath it. “I’m the one who’s only in my underwear. I think you need to keep me warm.” 
      “All right. Sounds like a deal.” She scoots across the mattress and snuggles close, her arm slung over my chest, her face in my neck. Her warm breath caresses my skin, making it tingle and I wrap my arms around her, pulling her as close as I can get her. Just like that, I’m hard. Aching for her. Wanting her. 
      “You smell good,” I murmur against her hair, just before I kiss her forehead. “Feel good too.” 
      “Mmm.” She presses her face closer, her lips moving over my neck. “So do you.” 
      Those little sounds of pleasure she makes are my undoing. I hear them and I instantly want to tear her clothes off and bury myself inside her. Even when she’s eating and makes one of those noises—which she does quite often and I sometimes wonder if she does it on purpose just to drive me crazy—I’m filled with this insane urge to take her in the hopes I’ll hear her make a noise just like it again. 
      And then again. Only those noises are because of me and the way I touch her. Kiss her. Lick her. Stroke deep inside her… 
      “We’re not going to sleep yet are we, baby?” I ask, smoothing my hand down her back. She has on one of those thin little tanks she likes to wear to bed, no bra, and tiny shorts that make her legs look endless. Probably no panties either. I love the stuff she wears to bed. 
      Easy access is important, though I prefer complete nakedness, if I’m being truthful. 
      “Did you and Gage fight?” she asks. “Is that why you’re mad at him?” 
     My get-inside-Ivy’s-panties mood crashes and burns, just like that. “Why are you bringing up your brother now?” 
      “You said he was a miserable jackass. I’m curious why you think that,” she says, pulling away slightly so she can look up at me. “So? Did you?” 
      “Did I what?” Damn, she’s distracting. Her body is perfectly fitted to mine, her breasts against my chest, her legs entwined with mine. And here we are, talking about freaking Gage. 
      “Fight with my brother.” She shoves at my chest, her hot fingers branding me. “Please tell me you didn’t.” 
      “We didn’t,” I say automatically. “He’s just grumpy.” 
      “He needs to meet a nice woman who’ll change his life completely,” she murmurs just before she kisses me, her lips soft and damp. “Don’t you think?” 
      “Sure.” I don't want to talk about Gage anymore. My hands are wandering as if they have minds of their own, mapping Ivy’s skin. Sliding over her shoulders, down her chest, until I’m cupping her breasts and thumbing her nipples, watching them harden beneath her tank top. “Kinda like what happened to me, right?” 
      “Did I change your life?” she asks, her voice so soft I almost don’t hear her. 
      “Baby, you make my life complete. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” I kiss her again, because how can I resist? She’s my everything. “I love you.” 
      With a gentle shove she pushes me onto my back and suddenly she’s on top of me. Straddling me, those long legs draped around my hips as she stares down at me with a wicked gleam in her eyes. “I love you too. So much. Will you let me have my way with you tonight?”      
      Laughter escapes me but becomes a strangled sound in my throat when she starts stroking me everywhere, her nimble fingers sliding over my hard cock and giving me a firm squeeze. “Anything you want,” I say gruffly, trying to keep my shit together and having a hell of a time with it. 
      I feel ready to blow already and she’s barely touched me yet. 
      It’s her turn to laugh. “What if I wanted to tie you up and tease you until you’re begging me to let you come?” 
      “Are you serious?” It sounds kind of hot coming from Ivy. But… “I don’t like giving up control though.” 
      “I know.” The wicked grin she’s wearing says she really doesn’t care either. “Don’t you think it would be fun? Letting go like that? Letting me take over? I always let you be in command.” 
      I’m not sure. She’s right. I’m the one who’s usually in charge in the bedroom but giving in to Ivy doesn’t sound like a bad idea, especially with that lusty gleam in her eyes. 
      “I’ll tie you up but I’ll do whatever you want me to,” she whispers as she starts sliding down my body. “Touch you wherever you want…In fact, I think we need to take off your boxers so we can get right down to business.” 
      Ah, damn. The woman knows just what to say to make me sweat. 
      She’s right there, her face in front of my cock, her fingers curled around the waistband of my boxer briefs. And then she’s tugging them off and I’m helping her, kicking them off as fast as I can and hoping like hell I don’t knee her in the face in the process. 
      But then I’m not thinking about kneeing Ivy or underwear or anything like that at all. Not when she smiles at me as she curls her fingers around me, dipping her head so her mouth brushes against the very tip. I’m done thinking. Now I’m only feeling. 

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