A Saturday Moment with Deitre

Today is Christmas tree shopping time.  I  know, I know.  I'm super late.  I'm so late that the children have decorated their rooms without me!  They just couldn't wait, and I don't blame them one bit.  I'm in the Christmas spirit, my offices are decorated with handmade wreaths (Aren't they lovely). Not my creations, but of a very crafty colleague!

I have one more week before I can truly kick back, relax and enjoy the Christmas Holiday.  So this week I have a request.  If my tree isn't up, well you've got it, my present buying is none existent as well.  Of course I would love to shower all of my children's teachers with many of my favorite reads, or favorite cookies, but I've been there and I need to branch out in the creativity department.  My dilemma, my youngest has a male teacher for the first time (math/science) and I want to do more than just a gift card.  I need ideas and I'm trying to stay away from Pintrest.

I need your help.  Your ideas.  Anything, as time is of essence!  While you get your thinking caps on, I'm going to start Ashes to Ashes by Melissa Walker.  My last ARC before Christmas.  My shelves are still full, so I have a good feeling this read will be up for grabs after Christmas.  So what are you reading this weekend?  Any titles that you feel I need to put on my goodreads list?  Lastly, next week will be filled with Christmas Cheer!  The tree will be up!  Although I think I just heard some rain falling...this is going to be a long weekend...

Nevertheless, Happy Reading!


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