Book Review: Sharing You by Molly McAdams

Sharing You
Sharing You #1
Author: Molly McAdams
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Chick Lit
Release Date: July 1st 2014
Review Source: Edelweiss | William Morrow

Sensational New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams breaks bounds with this emotionally wrenching, heartbreakingly real New Adult novel of love, passion, guilt, honor, and infidelity.

Twenty-three year old Kamryn Cunningham has left behind a privileged, turbulent past for the anonymity of small-town life. Busy with her new bakery, she isn’t interested in hook-ups or fix-ups. Then she meets the very sexy, very married Brody. Though she can’t deny the pull between them, Kamryn isn’t a cheater and she’s not good at sharing.

Twenty-six year old Brody Saco may be married, but he isn’t happy. When his girlfriend got pregnant six years ago, he did the right thing . . . and he’s been paying for it ever since. Now, his marriage is nothing but a trap filled with hate, manipulation, and blame—the remnants of a tragedy that happened five years earlier. While he’s never broken his vows, he can’t stop the flood of emotion that meeting Kamryn unlocks.

Brought together by an intense heat that is impossible to resist, Brody and Kamryn share stolen moments and nights that end too soon. But is their love strong enough to bear the weight of Kamryn’s guilt? And is Brody strong enough to confront the pain of the past and finally break free of his conniving wife?

I have never been more afraid of reading a book like I was when I finally started reading Sharing You. Many of you know Molly's books Taking Chances and Stealing Harper were the first books ever to make me ugly cry. I am not a crier when it comes to books, I am a visual person so movies will set my tears off easily as opposed to a book. But sure enough, those books by McAdams finally crack me open. I was devastated and had the worse emotional book hangover ever. I loved the books but admit they were painful. So of course I was already imagining Sharing You tearing me apart emotionally. Thank goodness it didn't. Everything within the pages I was able to handle and enjoy every page I turned.

Sharing You is the story of Kamryn, she leaves everything behind to move away from her life to Oregon. Where no one knows her or her past life.  She opened a bakery and alters her name a bit, so they don't recognize she is that Kamryn Cunningham, Horse-racing world royalty. She could care less about all that, since its brought her nothing but heartache and nightmares. She just wants a fresh start and do what she loves to do, Bake. 

KC as those have grown to know her in Oregon, keeps avoiding the suitors that her best friend keeps trying to set her up with. Then one day when she visits her best friends house where once again she is trying to set her up, KC practically runs into her best friend husband's brother. KC's world has just rocked to epic proportions. She can't deny the gravitational pull she has towards Brody. But fates have different plans, because Brody is married. Cue pouty face while reading at this point, lol. Yea he is off the market. Problem is that Brody might be married, but its a unhealthy marriage since the beginning. Brody's wife does not care for him and lives this fantasy life without Brody in the equation. Why hasn't he divorced her? Well Brody holds himself accountable for a tragedy in their lives and believes he is the one that has to work at getting is wife help. It's extremely dysfunctional and has torn away at Brody's life. 

Picture two magnets in your hands and they are north and south polarities, its almost impossible to keep them apart from connecting with one another. Well that would be KC and Brody, they fight and fight the pull, but the force to pull them together is much stronger then their fight. Sharing You affects may lives in this book, and you might not agree with certain situation that take places and others might leave you crushed, but I promise you will love this story. Love always prevails! 

Before you read Sharing You, you might want to read Capturing Peace and Sharing First (prequels to Sharing You). 

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