Once Upon a Signing: Book Bash 2014!

I know I am late to post this recap. But better late than never! If you remember, I attended Book Bash 2013, my friends and I had so much fun that we had to do it again this year. Glad we did. We had so much fun! After waking everyone up at 2:30 am, the gang and I headed to Orlando at 3:30ish am! Crazy, but yes, we were too anxious to sleep. We arrived at 6am and we started the line. Such a long wait, but we made friends in line. Of course we have lots to talk while you're surrounded by bookish people. So much fun! Anyways, once the doors were open... we headed to a fun day. Here are the pictures:

Since we were exhausted after the signing we only had an hour of break to eat because then we had to head over the NAL/Berkeley After Party! We ate so fast that we sure didn't enjoy our food LOL

After the after party, we had another party! LOL Nothing is better than to spend time with friends, books and DRINKS ;) But the night got better when I took a picture with HOLDER aka Griffin Pete!!

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