Book Review: All That's Bright: A Romantic Holiday Collection by Courtney Cole and Fisher Amelie

All That's Bright
Author: Courtney Cole
Author: Fisher Amelie
Reading Level: Adult, Romance
Genre: Fiction
Released: December 21, 2014
Review Source: Courtney Cole and Curiosity Quills Press

Share the gift of LOVE this Holiday season! All That’s Bright brings together contemporary romance favorites - Courtney Cole (NY Times & USA Today bestselling author of the Beautifully Broken series) and Fisher Amelie (bestselling author of the Seven Deadly series) - in a duology to remember. Fans of Beautifully Broken will love joining Pax Tate and his family at Christmas time, while Seven Deadly enthusiasts can read all about Spencer and Caroline’s wedding. This sweet collection will warm your heart through the 2014 holiday season.
A Beautifully Broken Christmas Story by Courtney Cole

I am a new follower of Courtney Cole.  Honestly, where has she been all of reading life?  Her most recent book NOCTE, hooked me for a full day and the rest is history.  So when given this short little collection and let just warn you again it's short collection.  I was excited to read this as at this point I'll read anything by Courtney Cole.  This 72 page collection has 2 stories and  starts with  a featured Christmas scene between major characters from a previous series,  PAX, Mila, Gabe and Maddy.  Preparations are being made for the grand dinner along with other very fun things.  This little glimpse into to the highlight of their special day, is just enough to make me want to quickly read all about their lives in the Beautifully Broken series.
The Wedding by Fisher Amelie
There is no concealing what this scene is about.  The Wedding is centered around characters from the Seven Deadly Series by Fisher Amelie.  Here the reader can feel the emotions of Spencer and Caroline as the special question is answered, how we are moved forward a bit and go straight in the wedding day.  Although Fisher is a completely new author to me, I immediately had so many questions about Spencer's and Caroline's relationship journey, however was left just enough to be content in the end. and ready to find out more.  
All in all, whether you are new to the these authors or not, be prepared to be entertained with this holiday collection.  I've placed both of these series on my reading list.  In essence, I will be going in with the end in mind, but that's ok, as I'm sure to get to the end featured in this Holiday collection is truly a journey worth reading. 

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